How to Track Changes in Google Search Algorithm


Google search is one of the major sources of organic traffic for many blogs and websites on the internet. Ranking within the first page of Google search will always ensure that your website receives an steady flow of visitors, whereas if your website or article doesn’t not appear on the first page of Google search results, definitely your site won’t receive much organic traffic.

However a major problem faced by webmasters is, Google constantly keeps on changing its search algorithm and due to this your website will keep on changing positions across the different pages of Google search results. One moment your site might appear on the first page of Google search, the next moment it might even disappear from that page.
Apart from major Google search updates which occur once or twice a year, Google doesn’t inform the public about the numerous minor updates that are rolled out for Google search. So If you experience a sudden loss of ranking of your website in Google search results, How will you confirm that its a Google search update that’s caused the fluctuations in your website’s appearance on Google search results. For those who want to track changes in Google search results, here’s an useful website you should refer to.
Algoroo, developed by Dejan SEO is a free web service which tracks the changes in Google search’s algorithm by observing the turbulence in the rankings of thousands of keywords and displays the results with an easy to understand bargraph.
Algoroo displays the results with bars of three colors which are red, yellow and green. Red signifies a major change in Google search’s algorithm followed by the yellow and the green bars signify no changes in Google search algorithm.
If you are a webmaster, then Algoroo would be a very useful tool for you. Most of the changes displayed in Algoroo are accurate and you don’t need to panic if you see red bars for a couple of days, it might not be a major update, its just Google doing its job to make the search results more accurate. If still you have any doubts or confusion, head over to popular webmaster forums such as Webmasterworld, Seoroundup, Digitalpoint and many other similar forums to get your query addressed by webmasters all over the world.

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