Why Doesn’t Photoshop Show the Brush Shape or Outline [ Fix ]


Photoshop is the most popular image editing and manipulation tool available right now. Photoshop’s learning curve isn’t easy, but if you have a solid hold on the basics, then there is no limit to what you can create with Photoshop.
Introduction apart, there are a few annoyances in Photoshop and the one that irritated me the most during my early days of learning Photoshop was, when the brush tool’s outline did not show and sometimes it just used to disappear randomly, leaving just the crosshair.
A situation like this can be extremely frustrating when your creative juices are flowing out and you’re stuck with fixing a silly problem that just appeared from nowhere. Fortunately its not a big or problem with Photoshop, on the contrary this is just one of Photoshop’s inbuilt feature.
Here are a few reasons why the brush size or outline disappears in Photoshop:
The main culprit most of the times is the CAPS Lock key. Now if you take a look at Photoshop’s shortcut keys, then you will find that the CAPS LOCK key can be used to toggle between two phases of the brush, one is for precision and another is for showing the brush’s outline.
So if you accidentally have left the CAPS LOCK turned on or had pressed the key accidentally, then Photoshop’s brushes will be toggled to precision mode, where you can only see a crosshair.
So there you go, you found your culprit now.
Alternatively, the brush outline can also disappear if the brush size exceeds the size of the canvas. In such a situation, you can press the ” { “ key to decrease the brush size  or ” } “ key to increase the brush size in Photoshop.

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