4 Ways to Sign out of Windows 10


When I moved on to windows 10 from Windows 7, It was really good to see the start menu back along with many other features. In the following days, I found out that there has been a lot of major and minor changes in the operating system. Overall Windows 10 has a very smooth learning curve, but I have to admit that there are many new changes that can drive you crazy if you don’t take help from others.  
One of these challenges was to add a new user account on my PC. After a lot a of struggle, I was finally able to create a new user account on my PC. But this wasn’t the end of my struggle, the next thing that started driving me crazy was, I couldn’t figure out where the Logout button was located in windows 10. So once again I had to search the internet for solutions. So what I learnt was the logout button can now be accessed by clicking the profile name in the start menu.
Most Windows 8 users won’t have any problem with finding the logout and most other option in Windows 10, but if have upgraded from windows 7, then you will face some difficulty in finding some of the core options of windows.
Coming to the topic, there are 3 more ways to logout of windows 10, excluding the one that i have already mentioned.

Sign out via the Shutdown Dialog box in Windows 10.

Press the ALT + F4 button from the desktop to bring up the Shutdown dialog box in windows 10.
Choose Log out from the dropdown options and click on OK.

Sign out from the Quick Access Menu in Windows 10.

Press the Windows + X key to bring up the Quick Access menu in Windows 10.
Select Shut Down or Sign Out > Sign Out.

Sign out from the Secure Logon Menu in Windows 10.

Press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys to bring up the Windows Secure Logon.
Click on Log out.

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