Importance of proper data classification in organizations


Photo via Pexels Whereas in our day-to-day personal computing, data asset management isn’t too much of a priority and things land where they may, organizations need to know how to classify the different types of data they manage, especially in the case of potential loss. Data classification is a multi-step process that involves properly tagging data according to several factors, including...

Sony Develops Cassette Tapes with Storage Capacity of 185 TB


It has been years since we have heard about cassettes tapes. In fact, the technology is so old that many believe it to be totally extinct. But Sony on the other hand hadn’t let go off this technology so easily. While most people assume cassettes tapes to be completely extinct as of now, Sony has done something incredible to revive this age old technology. Sony has now developed a magnetic...

Sandisk Announces 4TB SSDs, Promises 8TB and 16TB SSDs by Next Year


Sandisk has announced the world’s first solid state drive with a storage capacity of 4TB. The new 4TB SSD will be a part of Sandisk’s Optimus MAX SCSI SAS series of SSD’s. Alongside the Optimus MAX series of SSD’s, Sandisk has also debuted the Lightning Gen. II range of SSD’s. Both the Optimus MAX and Lightning gen. 2 range of enterprise SSD’s are meant to serve the growing storage demands...

Which is the Easiest way to Video Chat Between a PC and Android Phone ?


With the availability of faster and affordable internet connections, people are now increasingly adopting video calling as their primary method of communication. Today, almost everyone on this planet has an android phone with a front facing camera on it and a data connection. With this it’s now possible to make video calls to anyone on the move. However, apart from the two requirements mentioned...

5 Amazing uses of Raspberry Pi


The raspberry pi is a little credit-card sized computer developed by the Raspberry pi foundation in the UK . Its was mainly developed as a low cost device for providing computer education in schools . But its popularity among electronic hobbyists found it with many amazing uses . In roughly a year and a half this device has become a very popular DIY toy with electronic hobbyist . In the past few...

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