10 Cool Features of VLC Media Player you Need to Know about


The VLC media player is undoubtedly the best and the most popular media player for desktop computers. It’s ability to play most almost all video formats is a big reason why people prefer it over other media players. However that fact that the VLC media players has many more features than a playing media files, is the real icing on the cake.
No matter how much I praise about it, it’s never going to be enough. I have been using the VLC media player as my primary media player for more than five years and even now I keep on discovering new features about this media player.
There’s more to this open source media player than you could imagine. On the front, the VLC media player looks like a regular media player program, but hidden under its hood are a host of many useful features that turn this media player into the Swiss knife among media players.
I have covered many of these features of the VLC media player and today I am going to compile them all in this single article so it becomes easy for you to discover all of the additional features of the VLC media player at one place.
So here are the 10 cool features of VLC media player that you definitely need to know about.

How To Download Youtube videos using VLC Media Player

You’ll be glad to know that one of such features of VLC media player includes its ability to stream and download videos from YouTube and many other video streaming websites. This is one of the less known features that developers of VLC don’t want to make public since the big daddy Google wouldn’t be pleased to hear about it.

How to Remote Control VLC media player with a Android Device

Courtesy of the Remote for VLC android app, your android phone can be turned into a fully functional remote control for VLC media player. Once installed the app will enable you to access many controls for VLC media player such as play, pause, decrease / increase volume etc.. from any android device of your choice.

How to Record / Capture Desktop Video using VLC Media Player

You will be surprised to know that VLC media player can be also used as a screen recording tool. This and many more other features are a reason why VLC is aptly titled as the swiss knife of media players.

How To Display Song Lyrics in VLC Media Player

Minilyrics is a free lyrics plugin for VLC media player that enables VLC to display the lyrics of any song that’s being playing on it. Not just VLC media player, the plugin even support many other media players such as Winamp, iTunes, Windows media player and even more.

How to Extract Audio from Video files using VLC Media Player

The standalone media player can be also used to extract audio from video files. Now that you know about this interesting feature in VLC media player, let me show you how you can extract audio from a video file using VLC media player.

How to Download Subtitles in VLC Media Player using VLsub

VLC media player’s support for plugins makes it possible to automatically download subtitles from the internet. All you will need is a free plugin called VLsub and once you install it, you can easily search for subtitles from the VLC media player itself and choose from the best ones.

How to Play YouTube Videos on VLC Media Player

VLC is capable of playing YouTube videos with full fledged controls, follow the instructions to find out how you can play YouTube videos using VLC media player.

How To Watch 3D SBS Movies On VLC Media Player

With the help of VLC media player’s advanced features, a 3D Side by side ( SBS ) video can be merged into a single frame and the final output will be in anaglyph 3D. You can then use your red/cyan glasses to watch the movie in 3D. For those who need to watch 3D SBS movies on their PC, here’s how you can do so.

How to Cut or Trim videos using VLC media player

VLC doesn’t have any real video cutting or trimming feature. So we will make use of the record feature in VLC media player to record a playing video. This way the VLC media player can be used as a video cutter or trimmer in a situation where you don’t have any other video editing tool with you.

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