How to ” Unsend ” an Email in Gmail


Google has finally addressed one of the most common problem faced by Gmail users. Now if you have been reading our blog, you must have come across one of our article where we had made use of the Undo feature in Gmail in order to stop email from being sent. the undo feature at that time was not a full fledged feature of Gmail, it was actually available under the labs menu in Gmail’s setting, which is where most of Gmail’s experimental features can be enabled from.
The good thing is, Gmail has finally added the Undo feature as a part of Gmail’s core features.
We know how embarrassing it can be to discover that you’ve made silly typos or sent the email to unintended receivers. But you don’t have to worry about those anymore. Gmail Undo feature is there to save you from making any more mistakes.
When the Undo feature was a part of Gmail’s experimental features, it had a fixed 10 seconds time duration to undo an email after being send. Well 10 second is not enough for everyone. Google has taken this fact into consideration and provided the users with an extended time duration of up to 30 seconds to undo a sent email.
So for those who want to be able to undo their emails after sending them accidentally, here’s how you can enable the undo feature in Gmail and undo emails.

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail

  • Step 1: Log into your Gmail account.
  • Step 2: Click on the Cog ( Gear ) icon and select Settings.


  • Step 3: The 10th option under the general tab is the Undo Send option. make sure the Enable Undo Send option is enabled and choose a time duration.


  • Step 4: Browse to the bottom of teh page and click on Save Changes to make the changes permanent.

That’s it, the next time you send an email, the undo option will be available till the time duration selected by you. Last but not the least, don’t refresh the page or switch to another one, otherwise the undo option will be gone.

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