How to Remove Jollywallet Adware from Google Chrome


Free software are often not free as they are advertised. You might be able to legally download a software without paying anything for it, but it doesnt mean its free from potentially unwanted programs or in short PUP’s. It usually when you install it, you will see that the installer will ask you permission for installing Potentially Unwanted Programs.
You can simply skip the installation request for additional software, but today the installers are created in such away that you will most probably not notice the installation request and the potentially unwanted program would get installed without your consent.
Something similar happened with me. I regularly install and review new software on my PC and i am very careful while installing them in order to avoid installing any other potentially unwanted programs that come bundled with the software. Unfortunately, somehow a adware called Jollywallet got installed on my PC while installing a browser extension for chrome. I am not sure which extension it was, but the Jollywallet adware has infected the chrome browser and now everytime I browse a product on an online shopping site, the adware start to display an affiliate banner on top of the page. This is causing a lot of annoyance to me as it is disturbing by browsing habits.
Jollywallet is a browser application that gives you cash back when you shop online. It is technically not a computer virus or related to malware infections, however, it installs itself without the consent of the users and starts to display annoying banner ads on online shopping websites.
Fortunately, the Jollywallet adware can be easily removed from a PC and the following instructions will guide you through the entire process of removing the Jollywallet extension from Google Chrome.
If only google chrome is infected by Jollywallet, it usually indicates that the adware has got into our PC through one of google chrome’s extensions. So your only option to get rid of Jollywallet would be to remove all the extensions in google chrome. Surprisingly removing all the extensions installed on my PC did the job and I no longer saw the Jollywallet banners on any online shopping sites.
However there might be residual files of the adware on your PC, so it will be a good idea to reset google chrome, this will make sure that the Jollywallet adware is gone for good. While there are many other guides available on the internet to remove Jollywallet, this guide will only work if the Jollywallet adware has its root in one of google chrome’s extension.

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