How to Cut or Trim videos using VLC media player


On the first look, the VLC media player might look as a simple and plain, but sometimes looks can be deceiving and the same happens in the case of VLC media player.
The VLC media player has been my primary media player for more than a decade. The reason being, It supports and plays almost all major audio and video formats without any hiccups and adding to this it even has a lot of additional features under its sleeve, which literally make it the Swiss knife among media players.
I have been exploring many of VLC’s additional features and capabilities. To my surprise the list never ends and every now and then i come across hidden features of VLC. So this time around, i have come to know that you can make use of VLC to cut or trim a Video file.
Well this is something that VLC is not intended to do, but a simple workaround that lets you trim or cut video when you don’t have a video trimming tool lying around.
So lets spill the beans. VLC doesn’t have any real video cutting or trimming feature. So we will make use of the record feature in VLC media player to record a playing video. This way the VLC media player can be used as a video cutter or trimmer in a situation where you don’t have any other video editing tool with you.
To be frank, this feature cannot be used to cut or trim clips from hour long videos, but it gets the job done in case you need to create clips with duration ranging from few seconds to a couple of minutes. So lets find out how we can use the video recording feature in VLC to cut or trim videos.

How to Cut or Trim videos using VLC media player

  • Step 1: Play a video in VLC  and click on View > Advanced Controls.


  • Step 2: You can now see four button appear below the slider bar, including a recording button.
  • Step 3: Play the video and then click on the Record button to start recording.

Now you can’t skip the video to the end, instead you will have to let the video play and when the final scene comes, click on the record button once again.
There you go, the video should now cut or trimmed and saved in the Videos folder in My computer ( Windows 7 ).

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