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How to Check and Monitor the CPU Temperature on Windows


One of the major causes of the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death on windows is usually related to the rise in the CPU temperature above the maximum operational limit. The blue screen is triggered in order to protect the CPU from being damaged. This is one of the many cause which causes a blue screen of death to be triggered.

The temperature of the CPU can be viewed from the Bios a PC. But, unfortunately Windows doesn’t provide a built in tool to measure the temperature of the CPU in real time. So how can you monitor the temperature of a CPU on Windows?

Fortunately there is a plethora of free tools specially made for this purpose. The best among these CPU temperature monitoring tools is Coretemp. Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information.


The tool makes it easy for you to check the overall temperature of the CPU and also the load on each individual core. However for some processors, the toll is also able to show the temperature of each individual core. The temperature will be displayed in real time and will vary as the workload keeps on increasing or decreasing.

For those who want to check and monitor the Temperature of a CPU, here’s how you can use CoreTemp to check the temperature of the CPU in real time.

How to Check and Monitor the CPU Temperature on Windows

Download and install CoreTemp from the download link provided below.

Download: CoreTemp

Make sure to decline or skip all the offers for the additional software installation request.






Once you run the tool, you will be able to view the temperature of the CPU along with the load on each individual core.


Another interesting feature provided with CoreTemp is the Overheat protection settings. This feature allows the user set a temperature threshold for the CPU and choose whether to enable a warning notification or even shut down the computer in case the temperature of the CPU exceeds the set threshold limit. This is certainly an very useful feature that PC overclocking enthusiasts will need.


you can navigate to Options > Overheat protection and select the settings according to your requirements.


Here are some of the other CPU monitoring tools available for windows.


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Last modified: July 8, 2015