Forgot your WiFi network’s Password? Here’s how you can Recover it easily


In our everyday lives, we regularly make use of passwords in order to access many online services such as our email account and social networks. This is why it becomes easy for us to remember most passwords as we keep using them regularly. However there are passwords like the one we set up for our WiFi network, which once set up and used for connecting to the WiFi network through a device, has no use thereafter.
Since we don’t make use of our WiFi network’s password more than a couple of times, it often becomes one of the most forgotten passwords. Forgetting a wifi network’s password will not cause a big problem, since you would be able to connect to the WiFi network on devices which were already connected to it. But if you need to connect a new device to your WiFi network, you will have to find out the password or else you have to reset the WiFi router and reconfigure the WiFi network with a new password.
Fortunately most operating systems save the WiFi network’s password, so it is possible to recover a WiFi network’s forgotten password with just a couple of clicks. For those of you who have forgotten their WiFi network’s password, I have compiled few tips on how you can recover your WiFi network’s forgotten password on Windows or Mac OS X.

How to Recover a Forgotten WiFi Password on Windows

  • Step 1: Go to the Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
  • Step 2: Click on Change Adapter Settings.


  • Step 3: Double click on the WiFi network connection.
  • Step 4: Click on Wireless Properties.


  • Step 5: Click on the Security tab and then check on Show Character.

There you go, you can now see your WiFi network’s password in the text field beside the Network security key.

How to Recover a Forgotten WiFi Password on Mac OS X

  • Step 1: Press the Command and Spacebar keys to bring up spotlight search and type in “ keychain access “. Double click on the keychain access app.


  • Step 2: On the left hand side, select System under Keychain and the select Passwords under Category.
  • Step 3: Double click on the WiFi network.


  • Step 4: Check the box beside Show Password.


  • Step 5: Enter your username and password when prompted and click on Allow.

There you go, you can now view the forgotten password of your WiFi network.

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