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Most of us get emails from many unknown people and if  you are curious to find out the person behind these email addresses, I will show you how you can. To be honest there is not predefined method for getting the user details of an email address, but here are a few of my tried and tested tips which will definitely help you to trace most people through their email addresses.

Technically the process of tracing a person through an email address is known as reverse email lookup and as i said earlier there is no definite method to do this. All we have got is a few tips, which altogether will help us identify a person behind any email address.

Use the IP address Of the Senders Email to Trace a person

Most email services provide IP address of the computer from which a mail was sent. Using this IP address you will be able to easily pinpoint the location from which the email was sent.

If you are using Gmail, follow these instructions to reveal the IP address of the senders email. Click on the inverted triangle icon to the top right of the message and select Show original. Now press Ctrl + F to bring up the search function and type in “ Received: from “. Copy the IP address beside the highlighted text enter that ip address on a IP address tracking site such as and you will be able to find out the location from where the email was sent.


Use Google Search

Over time Google search has evolved into sort of an huge database for the entire internet. Googling for email address will land you on websites which are either social networking profiles registered with the email address or any websites where the person behind the email has publicly posted his email address. Most probably these sites will even lead you to the personal details associated with the email address and you might as well get a name and a photograph of the person you are looking for.

Although these kind of details are only available for aged email addresses, whereas information on new email address usually don’t show up in google search results.

Search Username on Social Networks

There is a high probability that a person might be using the his email’s username as an alias on most social networking sites. If he does then you can make use of a free web tool called Knowem to search for a particular username among multiple social networking sites. If you get lucky you can easily trace the person though his social networking profile.


Search on Internet Directory

You can even use internet directories to search for people based on their emails. Pipl is one such free service that lets you reverse search for people based on their email addresses, phone numbers and names.


With all these tips above, you can easily find out or trace the person behind an email address. Although there is no guarantee that these tips might work with every email address, but they definitely will help you find something about the person you are looking for.

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  • i have a email that was sent to me need to know full name of the sender and social media conections

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