How to Change your Gmail account’s Password


Back when we created our email accounts on google, most of us had no idea how important our email account will be for us today. What started as a medium of sending messages to dear ones far away, has now turned into a widely used method for securely sending and receiving information that are both personal and financial in nature.
On the internet, information is a commodity and this is what drives cyber criminals to breach into email accounts and steal sensitive information. So it has become of utmost importance that we take the measures to protect our Gmail accounts from being hacked.
The only thing that acts as a barrier between cyber criminals and your Gmail account is the password. You can use an combination of numbers, words and alphanumeric characters to compose a unbreakable password, but how many of these passwords can you remember without noting them down somewhere? and if you note it down somewhere, its easy for it to be stolen.
So the best way to secure your Gmail account would be to regularly change its password. This is even what Google advises to do. Changing your google account’s password is an easy procedure, but if you’re wondering where the option is located, here’s a guide to helping you change your Gmail account’s password easily.

How to Change your Gmail account’s Password

  • Step 1: Open Gmail, click on your Profile picture and select Account. ( Or click on this link )


  • Step 2: Click on Password under the Signing in section.


  • Step 3: Enter your Gmail account’s password to verify yourself.


  • Step 4: There you go, you can enter a new password and finally click on Change password to Save it.


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