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Once in a while we come across random YouTube videos which have a nice music playing in the background, however these videos don’t have any information about the music which is used in them.
Usually music videos from popular artist would always have the details regarding the songs name and artist, however in case of videos such as advertisements and random user made content, most of the time you won’t find any information about the song that is used in the video.
So how do you identify the song used in these YouTube videos? Well, you can ask about the song used in the YouTube videos through the comments and if the video uploader is active, he might help you out and even if he doesn’t, chances are a random viewer will come to your rescue. However, if you are looking for an easy way to find out the song used in any YouTube video, you should give a try to Audentifi.
Termed as Shazam for YouTube, Audentifi is a free audio identifying service for YouTube which can help you to identify the songs used in any YouTube Videos. using Audentifi is very easy, simply Copy and paste the YouTube video URL in the input box provided and click on identify songs.
Thats it, Audentifi will then scan the song and if it is able to identify the song used in the YouTube video, it will display the name of the song and its artist. Also it will provide you a link to purchase the song either on Amazon or Itunes.
Since the service is in beta, it;s still far from being a perfect audio identifying service for YouTube. With all the YouTube videos i tried to test on Audentifi, it was able to identify songs whose artists were relatively newer. In very rare cases it was able to identify music for old artists.
Overall Audentifi does a good job in identifying songs used in YouTube videos, however we would really like to see it supporting many other videos sharing sites in the future.

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