How to Know if a Website is Safe to Browse or Not


The web is a vast network of interconnected websites and with every passing second, countless new websites are coming into existence. This makes it virtually impossible for any human being to know about all the websites that have been existing on the internet. Every Time you visit a new website which you’ve never visited before, you constantly have a doubt whether the website is safe to browse or not.
In the past, one could easily identify harmful websites by taking a look at its design, which usually consisted of poor design and eye catching notifications. However today harmful websites have mastered their tools of trade and have been adopting the latest trends in web designs that can even fool any experience web user.
So the main question that arises is how can you check whether a website is safe to browse or not. Fortunately, the solution is already available in the form of a web based extension called WOT.
WOT is an extension available for most popular web browsers such as Google chrome and Firefox which enables internet users to know whether a website is safe to browse or not. Once installed, the extension appear as a traffic light style icon in the chrome extension bar and displays green, yellow or red light according to the ratings provided by millions of users around the world. If a website is harmful, the extension will show a red light and in case it is completely safe, it will display a green light.
Apart from being displayed in the extension bar, the traffic light like icons also appear beside all the links that are displayed in a web page and they let you know about any harmful links which you should not click on. This feature come very handy especially when you are searching for information through search engines where you do not have any idea about how safe the links are.
Be it a experienced web user or a newbie to the internet, the WOT extension is a must have for everyone who wants to stay away from potentially harmful websites on the internet. The WOT extension is available for various web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and internet explorer. You can download the WOT extension for all the respective web browsers from the links provided below.

Download WOT

Download WOT for Google Chrome
Download WOT for Firefox
Download WOT for Opera
Download WOT for Safari

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