Jetspot Fiber in Bhubaneswar : A honest Review


Bhubaneswar has plenty of Internet Service Providers (ISP) to choose from and they offer Internet plans for various needs of their consumers. These internet plans are priced as low as Rs. 250 per month to Rs. 10000 per month for the high end plans. 

The speeds provided by starter plans are decent enough for everyday use and if you are demanding, you can get yourself a Gigabit connection with blazing fast download and upload speeds. As for the data caps, they are decent enough across all the internet plans.

So coming to the point of this article, I am going to share the review of my experiences with Jetspot Fiber in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. 

Before coming to Bhubaneswar, I have moved through different cities and here are some of the ISP’s I have used.

  • In my hometown, I started with BSNL
  • When I was in Hyderabad, it was Beam Fiber
  • In Bengaluru, it was ACT Fibernet ( basically Beam fiber rebranded into ACT Fibernet )

When I moved to bhubaneswar, I was in search of a good ISP with the expectation of an amazing service like that of ACT Fibernet. As I already had a taste of Fiber Broadband, I decided to go for the same technology.

In my search, I came across ISP’s like Ortel, Wefe, Railwire and Jetspot. At last I zeroed in on Jetspot and got the connection. It’s been a year since I have been using Jetspot, so I think that’s enough to make my review worth sharing.


It all started with contacting the customer care of Jetspot and requesting for a connection. Within two days, their staff came for a feasibility check for providing the connection. Luckily, their nearest node was at a nearby hospital. So now comes to the installation fees.

Generally if you are living in a society which already has a Jetspot node, you will have to pay no installation fees. Unfortunately since I was an independent subscriber, I had to pay around Rs 4500 plus taxes for all the wire that had to be laid from their nearest node to my home and other equipment. The total came to Rs 5310 for just the installation.

Then comes another bummer with their internet plan pricing for individual customers. As an Individual customer you cannot make monthly payments for their internet plans. But they allowed me to test any plan for the first month, after which I had to confirm my plan and make payment for 6 months.

So for the first month, I went for the Jetspot Nitro Fiber 20Mbps plan with 100 GB data cap. The bill for the month came to Rs. 1415 including taxes.

The next month, I decided to go with the Jetspot Nitro Smart plan 50Mbps plan with a 300GB data cap. The bill came to Rs. 8489 including taxes. I had to make a 6 months payment for the plan and they provided one month extra validity for free. So in total I got 7 months for the price of 6 months. 

Since then I have upgraded to the Jetspot Nitro Ultra Combo 100 Mbps plan with a 2000GB data cap which has a rental of Rs. 2500 plus taxes per month.

Now that I have been using this connection for more than one year, here is my honest review:

Jetspot Fiber Review

  • Download Speed

Jetspot provides the exact speed advertised with any of their plans. However the download speeds are highly dependent on the upload speed of these servers from which you’re downloading a file.

Here is a screenshot from the current plan i’m on:

Speedtest link
  • Upload Speed

The upload speed is capped at 50 % of the download speed. Which is not a big issue for most as everyone generally downloads more than he uploads. Unless you are a youtuber or live streamer, you would not be concerned about the upload speed.

But you need to know that, Jetpsot counts the data uploaded in the data cap

This is exactly opposite of all the ISP’s I have ever used. Generally Uploads are provided free by most ISP’s. By doing this, jetspot is at an advantage as your data cap will be exhausted much earlier. This is a very bad practice by Jetspot.

  • Quality of line

The quality of line depends on what the connection is being used for. For general purposes like surfing and watching youtube, the connection is perfect and you won’t have any problem

But when it comes to gaming, the line quality is not stable. On an average the pings stay between 60ms to 80 ms to any singapore servers, which is pretty decent for a fiber connection. However there is a lot of packet loss, which makes jetspot not suitable for multiplayer gaming.

But there is hope, I have noticed that there is no packet loss in games after midnight to early morning. Which proves that the fault is not within the cabling but in their servers, which are not able to handle peak traffic and thus resulting in packet loss during the day, when there are a lot of concurrent users connected to their network.

  • Bandwidth cap

The Bandwidth cap is good and I have no complaints regarding it whatsoever. However as i said before, jetspot counts the uploaded data in the download cap, so you will be wondering how your data gets exhausted quickly.

  • Price

Jetspot’s pricing is competitive. With JIO fiber’s entry into the market, every ISP has made drastic changes to their plans and jetspot did not lag behind. Their plans were updated recently in order to stay competitive.

The Good

  1. Their customer care is quick in terms of addressing service requests. Most of my requests have been solved within 24 hours.
  2. Data caps are good and users can choose from various plans according to their requirements.
  3. They send regular SMS regarding maintenance downtimes.
  4. Their uptime is almost 90% in a month.

The Bad

  1. Gamers have to look somewhere else.
  2. After the Cyclone Fani, I had to pay again for the installation fees since their wires were damaged. ( Am i here to maintain their infrastructure? )
  3. Both the ISP’s in Hyderabad and Bangalore had nominal installation fees and none of them asked me to pay for laying their cables to my home. The amount charged by Jetspot is way too much. The customer needs to pay for the service, not for the infrastructure of the ISP.
  4. Everybody hates the Fair Usage Policy implemented by these ISP’s.
  5. Their connection becomes almost unusable after the Fair Usage Policy gets triggered.

Now this is all I have to say about Jetspot. I would glad if you guys would like to add some of your experiences with Jetspot in the comments below.

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