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fastest and affordable internet plans in india
Inspite of all the rapid development going on in the IT sector in India, most Indians have yet not experienced what high speed internet is. A few years back, some of the major ISP’s in India got together to form a cartel and after that ushered era in which the Indian government sole handedly decided the definition of broadband to be an internet connection with an speed of 512Kbps.
Fortunately there were a few private internet service providers who saw an opportunity to get ahead of other ISP’s and they started offering high speed internet plans that did change the way of how people use the internet.
Unfortunately not most of these private ISP’s operate throughout the country and due to this the state owned BSNL still has a monopoly on the internet access in most remote areas of India. however if you are staying in a Metropolitan city in India, you are definitely going to have access to high speed internet connections at a reasonable price.
If you are in a Metro, choosing an internet service provider would be a difficult task since there will be a lot of ISP’s to choose from. Naturally most of us will go for the highest speed internet plan which fits according to our requirements and our pockets. But the most important part which we often overlook is finding out how good their service is and how helpful are their customer support. In India where things can go wrong any time, prompt service and customer support can help you to get reconnected back to the internet with a minimal downtime.

TOP 5 Fastest and Affordable Internet Service Providers in India

The following are some of the best Internet service providers in India who offer high speed internet connections at an affordable price.

Beam Telecom

Beam Telecom is undoubtedly the best internet service provider in India. Although it only operates in Hyderabad, its internet plans are something to go crazy for. It is only because of Beam telecom, that BSNL AP was forced to revise its broadband plans in order to tackle the competition. We only hope that BSNL learned the lesson and extended the Broadband plans from AP to all over India.
beam telecom plans

Reliance Broadband

Owned by reliance telecom, Reliance broadband comes second to beam telecom when it comes to high speed internet access at an affordable price. Reliance broadband is available in most metropolitan cities in India which gives it an added advantage over Beam telecom in terms of its subscriber base. The Tariff of Reliance Broadband Plans are same all over india.
reliance broadband plans

You Broadband

You Broadband is also a new player in the ISP business but it offers decent high speed internet connections with affordable pricing. Instead of going in for a monthly rental, you broadband plans are 3 months based but if we divide the rental among three months, its very affordable.
you broadband plans

Hayai Broadband

Hayai Broadband is also a newly emerging ISP in India which only offers internet connections via High speed fiber optics connections. The specialty about Hayai is that they don’t impose any kind of FUP on their plans, rather they allow customers to download responsibly and if a customer uses this to their advantage and downloads exceedingly, they consult with the consumer and ask them  to move to  a higher plan . While this seems justifiable but we need to see what their customers say about this .
hayai broadband plans

MTNL broadband

MTNL broadband is a Government owned ISP which only offers its services in the key metros of India which are Delhi and Mumbai. MTNL is always a step ahead of BSNL when it comes to offering better services and recently they have changed the minimum speeds of all their broadband plans to 1 Mbps, which is something reasonable. Most of their broadband plans are affordable but they come with FUP as well.
mtnl broadband plan
Well these were some of the fastest and most affordable internet service providers in India. The following is the list of major metropolitan cities in India with the internet service provider available.

  • Reliance Broadband
  • MTNL Broadband


  • Reliance Broadband
  • You Broadband
  • MTNL Broadband


  • Beam Telecom
  • Reliance Broadband
  • You Broadband


  • Reliance Broadband
  • You Broadband


  • Reliance Broadband

While these internet service providers provide high speed internet connections at an affordable pricing, however we can’t vouch for their customer support.

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