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Can’t get enough of a YouTube video? here’s how you can set a YouTube video to loop endlessly.

Once in a while there comes a viral video or music song that you just can’t get out of your head. You might want to listen to it on a endless loop, however YouTube can’t do that. However there are free web services on the internet that are specifically made for looping YouTube videos. You can use of these websites to loop any YouTube videos.
By default YouTube videos cannot be set on a loop. When a YouTube video ends you have to click on the replay button to play the video over again. However a third party website called as Infinitelooper lets you loop any YouTube videos easily.
Looping videos with Infinitelooper is very simple, you will need to enter a YouTube video’s URL or search for a video using a query. When the video plays, a slider will appear below the video. If you let the slider as it is, the whole video will loop endlessly. If you want to loop any specific part of the video, you can adjust the slider to select a specific portion of the video which you want to loop.
Here are the detailed instructions to Loop YouTube videos on Infinitelooper.

Loop YouTube Videos Infinitelooper

  • Step 1: Head over to
  • Step 2: Enter a YouTube’s URl and click on the search button.


  • Step 3: Now the video will start paying with a endless loop.


  • Step 4: Adjust the sliders to loop a specific portion of the YouTube videos.


It’s as simple as that. While there are many other free websites to do so, Infinitelooper is the best among the rest, since it allows you to select specific parts of a YouTube video and loop them.

However there’s one downside to all the YouTube video looping services including infinitelooper, when you loop a video it will be re downloaded every time it starts to loop from the beginning. So those who don’t have a unlimited internet connection, you’re better off by downloading YouTube videos and lopping them using a video player on your computer.

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