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Misunderstandings can happen anytime and simple example of it is when a person sends an Email to someone and expects a reply to it very soon. Generally In such a situation if the person doesn’t get a reply within his expected time, he will start thinking negatively.
The same thing applies to most of us. Whenever we send an email, we expect a prompt reply and if we don’t receive a reply we get curious to know whether the email has been read by the recipient or not.
Be it Gmail or Yahoo, its disappointing that some of the most popular email services do not have have a simple feature to track whether the receiver has read the email or not. Fortunately if you are using Gmail as your primary email service, Google chrome has a very useful extension called MailTrack that will let you know whether a mail sent by you was read by the recipient or not. Unfortunately MailTrack is an Gmail only extension.
Mailtrack is very simple to use, you will need install it on Google chrome and then authorize it to access your Gmail account. After this every email sent from your gmail account will have a green double tick icon beside it. For emails that have been sent successfully it will display a single green tick and when the recipient has read the email, double green ticks will be displayed.
The following instructions will show you how to use MailTrack to know whether an sent email is read by the recipient or not.

Use MailTrack to know if a sent Email was read by the Recipient or Not

  • Step 1: Install MailTrack in Google Chrome from the link provided at the bottom of this page.


  • Step 2: Once MailTrack is installed, authorize it to access your Gmail account.


  • Step 3: Next time you compose email, you will see a “ Sent with: MailTrack “ note at the bottom of the mail. Compose your email and send it.


  • Step 4: You can even get an email notification when the receiver reads your email. To enable this feature you will have to click on the mail icon beside the send button.


  • Step 5: Navigate to the sent emails and you can see a green tick beside the email you had sent.

A single green tick signifies that the email has not been read.
Whereas a double green tick signifies that the email has been read.
However there are a few situations when mailtrack won’t be able to tell you whether a send email has been read by the receiver or not. An example of this is when the email receiver has disabled automatic image loading.
Download: MailTrack for Google Chrome

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