How to Download a Copy of your Data from Orkut


This week, Google announced to shut down its once popular online social networking site Orkut on September 30 this year. Google has also send an email notifying the same to Orkut users a few days back.Orkut which was once a very popular social networking site, saw a decline in its user based as Facebook became popular.


Even if you don’t use it anymore, its hard to see something that you’ve used in your day to day life once to cease from existing. If you have been using orkut, you must have uploaded many of your photos to it and we would want to inform you that with Google shutting down orkut on oct 28, all your photos and personal data will also be deleted permanently.

For those who want to download a copy of their data from orkut, you can use Google Takeout to download a copy of your data from orkut, which will include all your profile data, photographs and even friend list.

Here’s how you can download a copy of your Orkut data using Google takeout.

How to Download a Copy of your Data from Orkut


  • Step 3: Select Orkut and Click on “Create Archive”. Wait for a few seconds until the archive is created.



  • Step 4: Once the archive is created, a download button will appear. Click on the download button.


  • Step 5: Once you click on the download button you will be prompted to login into your Google account to verify that you’re the account owner. Once you have entered the password, the archive containing your orkut data will be downloaded automatically.

Inside the archive you can find all your photos according to the albums they were uploaded in and the archive will also contain all your scraps and comments too.

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