How to Block Popups on Google Chrome


Popup ads have been existing for decades since the advent of the internet. Display ads are something we can bear with since they do not interfere with our web browsing experience, however popup ads on the other hand are intrusive and hamper our web browsing experience.

Fortunately most web browsers come with options to block pop ups and so does Google chrome. For those who use Google chrome as their default web browser, here’s how you can disable Popups.

How to Block Popups on Google Chrome

  • Step 1: Go to Chrome’s Settings.
  • Step 2: Select “Show advanced settings


  • Step 3: Select content settings under privacy.


  • Step 4: Scroll down and make sure “ Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended) “ is selected under Pop-ups


In case you want to exclude some sites where you are fine with popups, you can click on manage exceptions and add a site.


With my experience in using chrome as my default browser, i have found that the default popup blocking settings in chrome can’t be solely trusted on to do the job properly. There were many cases where inspite of blocking popups, chrome was unable to block them. Well, this is not chrome’s fault. Some sites require user interaction to create a popup.

So in order to block popups completely on Chrome, you should consider installing an ad blocking extension such as Adblock plus, which is available freely on the Chrome web store. You can download Adblock from the below link.


Download: Adblock for Google Chrome

The android version of Chrome also has a similar setting to block popups. If you are using Chrome on your android device, go to Chrome’s Settings > Content settings and then you can select the Block Pop-ups option in order to block popups on Chrome for android.

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