Make Animated Gif from YouTube and other Video Sites in Chrome


If you have been active on social networks these days , you must have come across many of  those funny and hilarious Gif images . I am sure this is an very innovative way of sharing excerpts from videos , which is even very bandwidth friendly than sharing a video . People have shown a strong liking towards these  Gif’s and some Gif’s have scored more than thousands of likes and shares until they...

How to Take full Web Page Screenshots in Google Chrome


Whenever  I come across an interesting tutorial online. I always save a copy of the web page as a screenshot on my computer, this usually serves me as a reference for later use. If you want to do the same, let me show you a few methods and extensions, using which you can take full page screenshot of any web page in Google chrome . Method 1: The most basic method of capturing screenshots of...

5 Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Web Browsing Experience


Google Chrome is now one of the most used web browser worldwide . The browser is small , sleek and incredibly fast . To make your Google Chrome browsing experience even more better and faster  , we have listed out 5 of the must have Google Chrome Extensions . Install these Extensions and supercharge your Google chrome . 1. Adblock Adblock is one of the the most widely used Chrome Extensions to...

Google Chrome shortcuts for Windows


Google chrome is one of the most used web browsers today . No doubt it is one of the fastest web browsers . With its  minimal design and sophisticated technology it makes browsing the web much  faster, safer, and easier than the other web browsers . Below you can find all the Google chrome shortcuts for windows . Mastering these shortcuts can help you save a lot of time . Some of the important...

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