5 Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Web Browsing Experience



Google Chrome is now one of the most used web browser worldwide . The browser is small , sleek and incredibly fast . To make your Google Chrome browsing experience even more better and faster  , we have listed out 5 of the must have Google Chrome Extensions . Install these Extensions and supercharge your Google chrome .

1. Adblock

Adblock chrome extension

Adblock is one of the the most widely used Chrome Extensions to block annoying advertisements on websites . Many regard this great little Extension to be a free web killer . The truth is , its just a great Extension to remove and block bad and objectionable advertisements .  Personally i hate flash advertisements with sounds , when out of nowhere these ads start playing sounds that  irritate me a lot . Adblock simply removes all the advertisements on a page and provides a ad free browsing experience .

2. FastestChrome

Fastestchrome chrome extension

Better known as FastestFox on Mozilla Firefox , Installing the FastestChrome is a great way to enhances your web search experience . The Extension automatically loads the next pages on any website and lets you scroll along , without wasting any time to wait for pages to load . It also doubles up as a dictionary , if you want to look up for the definition of a particular word on any website ,  simply highlight the word and the Extension displays its definition . There are many more exciting features packed into this great Google Chrome Extension  , Check it out and enjoy a new and enhanced browsing experience.

3. Searchpreview

Search preview chroem extension

Search preview is a very useful Google Chrome Extension  . When installed , it provides a small preview of websites besides each Google search results . It is really useful to check if a  site has more of written content or images within it  . Overall the extension helps to saves a lot of time .

4. Chrome speak

Chrome speak extension

Chrome speak is a text to speech translating Extension for Google Chrome . To translate any text on a website into speech , you need to highlight the text from the website and right click and select “ read the selected text “ . The Extension will instantly convert the text into speech and play it for you .  It is really helpful at times when you are tired and not in a mood to read .

5. Webpage and webcam screenshot

Webpage and webcam screenshot extension chrome

Most of the time you land up on very useful tutorials , specially the ones with a lot of images and are very long  . you might want to save them on your computer but saving it in a html file becomes messy . This is where  the “ Webpage and webcam screenshot “ Extension comes into rescue . Once installed , the Extension appears as a camera icon on the top right of Google Chrome alongside other Extensions . Click on the camera icon and select “ All Page Screenshot “ , wait for a few second as the Extension captures the page and then it opens the entire site as an image in another window . save the image by clicking the save button . Even you have the option to edit the image too . Now you have a image file of the web tutorial which you can save on your pc and reference it for later use .

All of these Extensions together can provide a better and faster browsing experience on chrome . Do check out all these great Google chrome Extensions and tell us which one you prefer the most . If you have your own favorite Google chrome Extension , do let us know about it through the comments .


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  • SearchPreview is great but design is really basic. I prefer using Result Preview, which also redesign Google Video Preview in search results.

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