12 Awesome Google Products and Services You Never Knew Did Exist


Google is the top dog when it comes to online services .  Apart from its  Ultra popular search engine , The Search giant has loads of amazing and awesome web services and products that most  people are not aware of  .  While Google is always busy  experimenting with new products and services . Most of the time Google tends to scraps these products services even before they can see the limelight . Here is a list of  some of the 12 most awesome Google products and services that most people never knew did exist .

1. Google Panoramio


Panoramio is a Google service that allows people to  find photos of interesting  places around the world . You can submit your photographs of places around you to Panoramio and once accepted they will be shown on the  Panoramio website.  Even your accepted photographs  can be accessed by users as a separate layer in Google Earth and Google maps .

2. Google Schemer

Google schemer service

Schemer is a Google service that  allows you to  discover and share things to do with your friends . It helps people to find other people around them with same interests and   share their goals and have conversations with them .Whether it’s exploring a new city, checking out a friend’s movie recommendation, or just finding new activities for your weekends, Schemer lets you discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day.

3. Google sites

Google sites

Google sites is free to use service by Google which allows users to create  and share sites and wikis on the internet . You can use the product to create your  free sites and wiki according to your needs and share them with your friends and families . Google sites has a large collection of free themes and templates to choose from for your site .

4. Google encrypted search

Google Encrypted search provides more secured search for users who are very concerned about their privacy . It is mainly targeted at  users who appreciate the capability to perform searches with better protection against snooping from third parties. You can head over to encrypted.google.com to enjoy a secured search experience .

5. Google fonts

Google fonts is a very excellent tool for web designers and developers who want great looking font on their website . Google fonts hosts a very large collection of free fonts that you can use for free on any number of websites .


6. Google sky

Google sky

Google sky is feature for Google earth , which allows explore the sky and outer space . The product allows viewers to see a collection of images from the  NASA satellites, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the Hubble Telescope.

7. Google art project

Google art project google service

Google art project is an initiative by Google which allows people to view high resolution artworks from 17 international museums all over the world . It provides a virtual tours of the Museums galleries and helps users gather information about the artworks .

8. Google voice search


Google voice search is a Google product that enables users to search through Google by speaking their queries . The product is available both on computers and Android and iOS based phones . To use this feature you need to have a mic . On the Google home page click the microphone symbol on the right of the search bar . Click on the red circle that appears and record speak your query . Google will now display the search results .

9. Google Image search

Google image search

Google image search or Reverse image search is a service by Google to search through Google using images . The service allows you to find similar images . There can be many uses of this product according to your requirements .

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10. Google trends

Google trends

Google trends is a Google service that allows the public to see what are the most hyped keyword searches being performed by users all over the world . it also allows users to compare two different searches .

11. Google Scholar

Google scholar

Google scholar is a free to use search engine , that collects  scholarly literature which includes papers, theses, books, and reports . A very good source of resource for students and people looking for research papers .

12. Build with chrome

build with chroome

Build with chrome is an online interactive LEGO builder feature that lets users build structures on a virtual property in Australia or new zealand with the help of Lego bricks . Its a fun and really cool feature to get rid of boredom .

These are some of the best and awesome Google services and products that are less known to most people . Many of these products and services are available on a experimental basis and may be available for a short period of time .  Check them all out and do tell us which one of these products and services did you like the most .


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