Download the Complete list of Google Now Voice Commands


Google now is all set to replace software personal cell phone assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S Voice . The latest iteration of Google Now empowers users to get the answer of all their queries without even lifting a finger. You command it and Google now will be at your service. Courtesy of 60+ new voice commands added to Google now, Google now has become more of an hands free...

10 Less Known Google Search Shortcuts to Save your Time


Google is undoubtedly the most trusted site on the internet . Apart from the regular Google search , it has a lot of things to offer . It may be very complicate to understand how Google search works , but the search engine has a lot of less known and simple tricks up its sleeve that can help you to get accurate information from Google itself . The catch here is , There are a lot of less known...

Make Animated Gif from YouTube and other Video Sites in Chrome


If you have been active on social networks these days , you must have come across many of  those funny and hilarious Gif images . I am sure this is an very innovative way of sharing excerpts from videos , which is even very bandwidth friendly than sharing a video . People have shown a strong liking towards these  Gif’s and some Gif’s have scored more than thousands of likes and shares until they...

How to Troubleshoot Google Chrome’s High CPU and Memory Usage


Google chrome is definitely one of the fastest web browsers currently. While it Might be able to beat down all its contenders hands down in terms of speed and features, Chrome does has a weak point. When it comes to memory usage, sometimes chrome may act a little weird and consume a lot of your RAM and CPU’s resources . This eventually might cause your computer to slow down and even may...

Hide or Fake your Geo Location Data from Websites on Google Chrome


With HTML 5, Google Chrome is now able to estimate your current location with the help of a new Geolocation feature. If you are privacy conscious then you might want to turn this feature off on Google chrome . For example , when you are browsing a location aware website on use Google Chrome, you will be requested to share your location data. If you allow Google chrome with this request, The HTML...

How to Take full Web Page Screenshots in Google Chrome


Whenever  I come across an interesting tutorial online. I always save a copy of the web page as a screenshot on my computer, this usually serves me as a reference for later use. If you want to do the same, let me show you a few methods and extensions, using which you can take full page screenshot of any web page in Google chrome . Method 1: The most basic method of capturing screenshots of...

How to Install Google Web Fonts on your PC

Google web fonts

Google Web fonts is an amazing and vast collection of 400+ open source fonts by Google . These fonts can be a great resource for most designers and developers . All of the fonts in Google web font’s collection are free to download . They can be used to replace the default standard and monotonous fonts on your PC . Google offers these fonts under a Open Source font license which allows these...

Motorola Moto X specs Review : Always listening , Comes in 18 colors


The Motorola Moto X is now announced and the specs have been made public . After the acquisition of Motorola by Google , the Moto X is the first phone that is developed by Google .The New Moto X  will  become the first ever smartphone to be entirely designed and assembled in US . but the internal hardware for the Moto X will be still procured from Asian factories . lets us go through a brief...

12 Awesome Google Products and Services You Never Knew Did Exist


Google is the top dog when it comes to online services .  Apart from its  Ultra popular search engine , The Search giant has loads of amazing and awesome web services and products that most  people are not aware of  .  While Google is always busy  experimenting with new products and services . Most of the time Google tends to scraps these products services even before they can see the limelight ...

5 Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Web Browsing Experience

Google chrome search preview addon

Google Chrome is now one of the most used web browser worldwide . The browser is small , sleek and incredibly fast . To make your Google Chrome browsing experience even more better and faster  , we have listed out 5 of the must have Google Chrome Extensions . Install these Extensions and supercharge your Google chrome . 1. Adblock Adblock is one of the the most widely used Chrome Extensions to...

Official Google Adsense App Now Available for Android on Play Store

adsense for android app logo

Google has at last released a new Android app for Adsense users . The app will now allow millions of Adsense users across the world to check out and manage their Adsense earnings on their android devices . Being the first version of this app the Google Adsense app now has only limited access to users key earnings information, top custom and URL channels, ad units and sites reports and payment...

Google Chromecast brings video streaming to the Televisions

Google chromecast

Google has announced a new device called Chromecast , the device is very similar in looks to a USB flash drive . The device allows you to stream content from Netflix, Google Play and more to your television from your Phone or tablet . Chromecast works with all android tablets , smartphones , Ipads , Iphones and chrome for mac/windows . The 2-inch device runs “a simplified version of Chrome...