10 Less Known Google Search Shortcuts to Save your Time


Google is undoubtedly the most trusted site on the internet . Apart from the regular Google search , it has a lot of things to offer . It may be very complicate to understand how Google search works , but the search engine has a lot of less known and simple tricks up its sleeve that can help you to get accurate information from Google itself .
The catch here is , There are a lot of less known Google search shortcuts , using which you can directly get and process information through Google search itself . There is no need of opening any website or search for information . Using these Google search shortcuts it just takes one click and a second to get the desired and accurate search result .
We have compiled 10 of these less known Google search shortcuts , which will improve your Google search skills and even save your time  . Note: It is recommended to enable Instant search in before your proceed further .

Find out world time

Wondering what time is it in other parts of the world ? Get the accurate time of any place in the world by just typing in (time) (place) in Google search and Google search will provide you the time of that place instantly .

Example : Time India


Worldwide weather forecast

Find out the weather at any part of the world . Type in ( weather ) (place) and you will get the detailed weather condition of that place , along with a forecast for the next seven days .

Example : Weather new york


Calculate anything

You can use Google search as a calculator and calculate anything . just enter a calculation into the search box and instantly get the results . Further if you want a functional calculator , search for “calculator” and Google will bring up a calculator below the search box .

Example :  20 x 8000


Convert any currency

Using Google search you can get an real time updated conversion rate of any currency . type in an (amount) (currency) to (currency) and get the conversion rate for any currency.

Example : 1 dollar to rupees


Convert units of measure

Quickly convert any unit of measure into another . just type in a (number) (unit) to (unit) in Google search and convert it instantly .

Example: 50 km to miles



Find out the meaning of any word , just type in the (Define) (word) and Google will provide you  a definition for that word including synonyms and thesaurus .

Example: Define quantum


Translate languages

Quickly find the translation of any word or sentence . Type in Translate ( word / phrase ) to ( language ) and Google will translate it for you .

Example: Translate hello to hindi


Find festival / event dates

Not sure about upcoming festivals or events dates ? Type in (festival name) (year) and you will get the dates of any event , festival or events .

Example: Fathers day 2013


Product / Movie release date

Find out the release dates of upcoming movies and products . type is (name) release date and you will get an accurate release date of the movie or product .

Example : Thor 2 release date


Leaders of countries

Find out the current and acting leaders of various countries . Type in (designation) (country)  and get the details of the current leaders of various countries .

Example: President China


 These were 10 of the less known Google search shortcuts to save your time . For some of you , you might have already figured out a few of these before . If you aware of more Google search shortcuts then do tell us about them .

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