How to get Free Google Play Store Credit


The Google Play Store is one of the largest repository of android apps and games. While most of the apps and games available in the Google play store can be downloaded for free, but there are a few which needs to be purchased before you can download them on an android device. Free apps and games can be download on any supported android device, but for the paid apps, android users are required to...

11 Advanced Google Search Tips you Need to Know About


Google search is the gateway of information to the millions of users who use the world wide web everyday . we all use it for finding information related to our day to day requirements . ranging from computers to health and even more , information on everything can accessed via Google search with just a click . Like everything else , Google search has a few basic and advanced features which go...

10 Less Known Google Search Shortcuts to Save your Time


Google is undoubtedly the most trusted site on the internet . Apart from the regular Google search , it has a lot of things to offer . It may be very complicate to understand how Google search works , but the search engine has a lot of less known and simple tricks up its sleeve that can help you to get accurate information from Google itself . The catch here is , There are a lot of less known...

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