How to get Free Google Play Store Credit


The Google Play Store is one of the largest repository of android apps and games. While most of the apps and games available in the Google play store can be downloaded for free, but there are a few which needs to be purchased before you can download them on an android device.
Free apps and games can be download on any supported android device, but for the paid apps, android users are required to posses a credit card in order to purchase them. Since not everyone has a credit card, many android users are unable to purchase paid apps and games even if they can afford them.
Apart from credit cards, android apps can also be purchased from the Google play store via play store credits. However, play store credits also need to be purchased from the Google play store. Fortunately there’s a way you can get Play store credits for free and use them to purchase apps and games.
All you need to do is install the Google Opinion Rewards app and complete surveys to get paid via play store credits. Once you’ve accumulated enough play store credits, you can redeem the credits on the Google play store to purchase paid apps or games.
Unfortunately the app is only available in the US right now. This is a big disappointment, but we expect the app to be available very soon in other countries.
Screenshots from the Google Opinion Rewards App.
how to get free Google play store credit
Google play store credit

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