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Google now is all set to replace software personal cell phone assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S Voice . The latest iteration of Google Now empowers users to get the answer of all their queries without even lifting a finger. You command it and Google now will be at your service.


Courtesy of 60+ new voice commands added to Google now, Google now has become more of an hands free personal assistant on your Android phone. These new updates clearly reveal Google’s strategy to make Google Now a part of the Android experience.

While Google has not revealed the complete set of voice action commands for Google now. The guys over at have created a very useful inforgraphic that lists more than 60 plus useful voice commands for Google Now. The infographic contains voice commands for various actions that range from weather updates to funny Easter eggs and much more. Chances are you might have already known a few of these, but this infographic makes an handy resource for every Android smartphone user.

Here is a video by Phonebuff demonstrating 50 different Google now voice commands. Skip to the bottom of the page to download the complete list of Google Now Voice commands.

You can download the Complete list of Google now Voice commands here or right click and save the below infographic to your PC.

complete list of Google now voice commands


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