How to Free Up Storage Space on your Android Phone


The Limited Storage space on our Android phones is a major constraint for all of us. With all the things that we would love to have with us on our smartphones, most probably even terabytes of data would not suffice our ever growing needs.

Generally today’s smartphones are limited to a mere 16GB or 32GB of storage space out of the box, which can be further increased by adding a MicroSD card. Google’s Nexus devices on the other hand do not come with an option for expandable storage, but you can make use of an external storage devices such as Flash drives via an USB OTG cable to get some addition storage space.


But an additional storage space won’t be of much use unless we know how to manage our phone’s storage space efficiently, because eventually everyone would end up filling up their phone’s storage space up to the brim.

There are many possible reasons that could be accountable for consuming up your phone’s storage. Either way it can be the carelessness on the users part or even unoptimized apps on your Android phone, Both of these can be a reason for the wastage of your phone’s storage space. So you and the apps on your phone are equally responsible wasting your phone’s storage space.

Fortunately it is not difficult to reclaim back your Android phone’s wasted storage space, but there is no shortcut for this process. you need to try different methods until you can efficiently free up your Android phone’s storage space. We have tried a few methods and Here are 5 ways by which you can free up your phone’s storage space.

5 ways to free up your Android phone’s Storage space

Move Apps to SD card

Android restricts apps to be only installed on the Phone’s internal storage, but some apps with developer support can be moved to an SD card. Moving these apps to your SD card’s storage would not only free up your phone’s internal storage but also at the same time it would increase your phone’s performance. You can use the App Manager 2 , an free android app to move supported android apps to your phones expandable storage.

Note: A few Samsung smartphones do not have this feature. So the only way of moving apps to an expendable or external storage is to get root access on your Android phone.



Clear App cache

Many android apps make use of temporary files while running, while most of these apps clear these data before exiting, a few unoptimized apps leave behind a lot of temporary files. These temporary files end up occupying your phone’s storage space. While a single app might leave around some KB’s of space or more, imagine how much temporary files 50 apps would leave. Clearing these temporary files will free up a lot of space on your Android phone.



Upload your photos to Online storage

We all love taking random photographs and videos, but as a matter of fact, we rarely take a look at these after a few times. So basically we are allowing these photos and videos to unnecessarily occupy our phone’s storage. Moving these photos and videos to Online storage services such as Google drive, Dropbox or Picasa would help us to free up a huge amount of space from our android phones.

Note: Google drive now offers 10GB of free cloud storage for everyone.



Delete Duplicate files

Knowingly or unknowingly, our carelessness is sometimes the reason to a lot of duplicate files on on our Android phones. If you have lots of music files on your phone, chances are there must be a few duplicates there. In few cases sometimes Android doesn’t delete downloaded apps after installing them, which causes duplicate files. Apart from these there are many other reasons but they all have the same solution, which is to remove these duplicate files.

Obviously, its not possible for us to manually scavenge for duplicate files on your Android phone. which is why you need to make use of Search duplicate file , a free android app that helps you to find duplicate files but you need to delete them manually.
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Convert videos before copying

With Android, we all take it as granted that our phones are capable of playing whatever video files we throw at them. So when we get a new phone or expandable storage, we directly dump video files onto our phone’s storage and never ever bother about converting them. This is where we waste most of our phone’s storage. So taking an extra step to convert video files before copying them to our phones storage would really free up your phone’s space and also at the same time smaller video files would decrease the load on your Phones hardware,.

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