Turn your Android Phone into a Chromecast Receiver with CheapCast for Free


Are you thinking of getting a google Chromecast anytime soon ? Well its going to be tough to get your hands on one . ┬áSince the announcement of the Chromecast , google has already run out of stock of Chromecast dongles and most of the orders are not going to be delivered soon . You eon’t ┬ábe needing a Chromecast anymore . Thanks to XDA Forum Member Maui , now you can turn your android...

Google Chromecast brings video streaming to the Televisions

Google chromecast

Google has announced a new device called Chromecast , the device is very similar in looks to a USB flash drive . The device allows you to stream content from Netflix, Google Play and more to your television from your Phone or tablet . Chromecast works with all android tablets , smartphones , Ipads , Iphones and chrome for mac/windows . The 2-inch device runs “a simplified version of Chrome...