Android Device Manager Rolls out Alongside New Google Play Update


One of the worst nightmares of Android phones and tablet owners today is the fear of losing their valuable android devices . There is no need to worry about that anymore . Though it might be late but at last Google has introduced a new feature called Android device manager which which will help you to find your misplaced or missing Android powered phones and tablets . The Android device manager...

Motorola Moto X specs Review : Always listening , Comes in 18 colors


The Motorola Moto X is now announced and the specs have been made public . After the acquisition of Motorola by Google , the Moto X is the first phone that is developed by Google .The New Moto X  will  become the first ever smartphone to be entirely designed and assembled in US . but the internal hardware for the Moto X will be still procured from Asian factories . lets us go through a brief...

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