Android Device Manager Rolls out Alongside New Google Play Update


One of the worst nightmares of Android phones and tablet owners today is the fear of losing their valuable android devices . There is no need to worry about that anymore . Though it might be late but at last Google has introduced a new feature called Android device manager which which will help you to find your misplaced or missing Android powered phones and tablets .

Android device manager

The Android device manager is a simple feature on android devices using which you can keep your device and the data stored in it safe and secure . If you ever misplace your android phone or tablet anywhere in your room , The android device manager will let you quickly rink your phone at the maximum volume and help help you locate your phone . The feature works even when your android phone has been silenced . In Case you misplace your phone or tablet anywhere outside , The Android device manager will help you to locate your phone on a map in real time .

If anyhow you loose your android phone or it gets stolen the Android device manager will keep your data from ending into the wrong hands . If your phone cannot be recovered , The Android device manager will let you quickly erase and delete all the data on your stolen Android smartphone or tablet .

The service will be available later this month on android phones and tablets running Android 2.2 or higher versions . To use the Android device manager feature you need to be designed into your Google account . Google has also announced a Android app that will easily allow to find and manage your Android devices .

The Android device manager is now being rolled out with new Google play update . If you did not get the update on your android device . Then you download the Android device manager app here . Its basically a Google play update with the Android device manager feature in it .

After downloading and installing the apk file , open the settings in your android device , Under the security section look for security , inside it there should be a device administrators option, tap it and you’ll see the Android device manager . tap the Android device manager to enable it .

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