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Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know


We all love YouTube . Whether its watching funny videos , crazy pets , tutorials or gameplay videos . YouTube has something for everyone . No doubt its a major productivity killer , but still YouTube has definitely changed the internet . We have collected some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for YouTube , which will help you to take full control of YouTube with your keyboard . I know you...

40 Useful Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know


With windows 8 , Microsoft has made a few slight changes to their existing keyboard shortcuts for windows . While windows 8 retains many similar keyboard shortcuts from windows 7 , Microsoft has also added plenty of new keyboard shortcuts for windows 8 . One major noticeable change in the keyboard shortcuts being , the new keyboard shortcut for the windows task manager , which is now assigned to...

Google Chrome shortcuts for Windows


Google chrome is one of the most used web browsers today . No doubt it is one of the fastest web browsers . With its  minimal design and sophisticated technology it makes browsing the web much  faster, safer, and easier than the other web browsers . Below you can find all the Google chrome shortcuts for windows . Mastering these shortcuts can help you save a lot of time . Some of the important...

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