40 Useful Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know


With windows 8 , Microsoft has made a few slight changes to their existing keyboard shortcuts for windows . While windows 8 retains many similar keyboard shortcuts from windows 7 , Microsoft has also added plenty of new keyboard shortcuts for windows 8 .


One major noticeable change in the keyboard shortcuts being , the new keyboard shortcut for the windows task manager , which is now assigned to the Ctrl + Shift + Escape keys , while all the previous version of windows had the Ctrl + Shift + Delete key assigned to the task manager .

We have collected 40 of the most useful Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts that will definitely help you to improve your windows 8 experience . Try to memories as many of these windows 8 keyboard shortcuts and notice the difference .

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

 Shortcut keys  Functions
 Windows logo + C Open charms in an app
 Windows logo + D Switch to the desktop , press the same combination again to return to your previous window .
 Windows logo + E Launch windows explorer
 Windows logo + F Open search charm to search files
 Windows logo + H Open share charm
 Windows logo + I Open setting charm
 Windows logo + K Open device charm
 Windows logo + L Lock your PC or switch to another account
 Windows Logo + M Minimize all windows
 Windows logo + O Locks the screen orientation
 Windows logo + Q Open search charms to search apps
 Windows logo + U Open ease of access center
 Windows logo + V Cycle through notifications
 Windows logo + W Open search charm to search settings
 Windows logo + Z Shows the commands available in a app
 Windows logo key‌ + start typing Search
 Windows logo + F1 Opens windows Help and support
 Windows logo + Print screen Takes a screenshot of your window and saves it to your pictures folder
 Windows logo + Down key Minimize the current window
 Windows logo + Up key Maximize the current window
 Windows logo + ( + Key ) Zoom in using the windows magnifier
 Windows logo + ( – Key ) Zoom out using the windows magnifier
 Windows logo + space bar Switch input languages and keyboard layouts
 Windows logo + Enter Open windows narrator
 Windows logo  + “ . “ Snaps the current window to the right
 Windows logo + Shift + “ . “   Snaps the current window to the left
 CTRL + N Opens a new window
 Ctrl + Shift + N Create a new folder
 Alt + Enter Open properties dialog box for an folder or file
 Ctrl + Shift + click on a task bar item Opens an program as an administrator
 Ctrl+plus (+) or Ctrl+minus (-) Make the fonts bigger or smaller
 Ctrl + Shift + Esc  Open task manager
 Ctrl + A Select all the items

Ctrl + C or ( Ctrl + Insert )

Copy all the items
 Ctrl + V or ( Shift + Insert ) Paste all the items
 Shift + Delete Permanently deletes files without sending them to the recycle bin
 Alt + F4 Close an active program
 Alt + Left arrow View the previous folder
 Ctrl + Alt + Space bar  Preview the desktop in full screen mode

The  were some of the very useful windows 8 keyboard shortcuts , while this is not complete collection , you can check out the complete collection of windows 8 keyboard shortcuts here .

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