Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know


We all love YouTube . Whether its watching funny videos , crazy pets , tutorials or gameplay videos . YouTube has something for everyone . No doubt its a major productivity killer , but still YouTube has definitely changed the internet .


We have collected some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for YouTube , which will help you to take full control of YouTube with your keyboard . I know you might already discovered many keyboard shortcuts for YouTube , but with this article i am sure you will discover some more new YouTube keyboard shortcuts .

Note: The numeric pad buttons cannot be used to control YouTube videos , only the top row numeric buttons can be used to control YouTube videos .

Useful YouTube keyboard Shortcuts

You can always use the Tab key to toggle through the following controls on YouTube .

Note: The tab button only works when you hover your mouse above the YouTube player or if you have selected the video player .

  • Play / pause button
  • Seek bar
  • Volume
  • Resolution
  • Pop-up video
  • Expand

YouTube player keyboard shortcuts

  • J key – Back
  • K key – Pause
  • L key – Forward
  • Left / right arrow – Jump 5 seconds into ahead or back of the YouTube video
  • Home – Jump to the beginning of the video
  • End – Jump to the end of the video
  • Space – Play / Pause the video
  • Number 1 to 9 – Each number from 1 to 9 lets you seek from 10% to 90 % of the YouTube video . If you want to skip to the middle of the video then press the 5 key to skip to 50% of the YouTube video .
  • Number 0 – Jumps to the beginning of the YouTube video .
  • Up / Down keys – control the volume of a YouTube videos
  • F key – Video enters Fullscreen mode ( Works for some and for some doesn’t )
  • Esc key – Video exits Escapes fullscreen mode

YouTube is constantly evolving and in the future YouTube might add many new features and even new keyboard shortcuts . If you know any more keyboard shortcuts than the above ones , do lets us know about them through the comments below .

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  • “f” worked once to full screen, then when i clicked “escape” it minimized but then “f” wouldnt work again. what gives? this is most important shortcut i need.

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