Internet Speed Master : Increase WiFi, 3G, 4G Internet Speed on Android Phones

increase internet speed android

How to increase WiFi , 3G , 4G internet speed on Android phones : Can you imagine your phone without an internet connection ? The feeling is even pathetic when our Networks fail to provide a good internet speed in-spite of opting for High speed 3G and 4G internet plans . We pay a good amount for getting a reliable internet connection and obviously we expect it to be snappy and fast . Here is an...

Top 5 Fastest and Affordable Internet Service Providers in India


Update: Check here for a list of the Fastest and Affordable internet Service Providers in India In India , internet speed have gone down to the drains with most big ISP‘s . We have come a long way from dial-up connections to broadband and  fiber to home connections . But that development is  deceiving . Till now a majority of Indians crawl the internet rather than what we call surfing .It...