Top 5 Fastest and Affordable Internet Service Providers in India


Update: Check here for a list of the Fastest and Affordable internet Service Providers in India

In India , internet speed have gone down to the drains with most big ISP‘s . We have come a long way from dial-up connections to broadband and  fiber to home connections . But that development is  deceiving . Till now a majority of Indians crawl the internet rather than what we call surfing .It all became even worse when FUP ( Fair Usage Policy ) was introduced by the major Internet service providers  in India and Since then we have been having a very bad time with our ISP’s.

internet service provider plans
The Fastest and affordable Internet Service Providers in India .
Companies began to advertise high speed broadband plans but FUP became a major deal breaker every time .  In the beginning government owned enterprises like BSNL and MTNL were our only hope for getting a internet connection . Today the scenario is totally different , as there have been a entry of many home grown private players in the ISP business . The internet speeds provided by these companies is far better than those of BSNL and MTNL but They still have to work out their last mile on providing a PAN India coverage .
When choosing a internet plan , You might have question in our mind like where to get the internet service from ? or from which ISP  ? and the most important factor will still be about getting the cheapest and the fastest speed internet connection .
Nowadays choosing an internet service provider can be a lot confusing  as there has been a mushroom growth of ISP’s in the past few years . All of these ISP’s have different plans and services and most of them are catering directly to what the Indian customers need right now , which is a Fast internet connection with affordability  . Its a big dilemma to choose among the best among of these ISP’s  . we have researched on the best internet service providers in India and wrapped it down to 5 of the best  ISP . Continue reading to find out more .

Top 5 Fastest and Affordable Internet Service Providers in India

Note: Some of these ISP’s do not have a PAN India coverage , this article is just an Brief overview of what the Fastest Speeds in India are .
BEAM Telecom

Don’t ever try to mention this name on any of the web forums in India , people surely are going to get ultra  jealous of you . Beam was one of the first ISP’s in India to provide high speed and affordable internet connections for home consumers. They have the best Internet plans in all of India and provide internet services through fiber optics only . The only negative point is that their services are only limited to Hyderabad currently . but they are planning to going nationwide in a few months. So keep looking out for them .

ACT Broadband

ACT broadband is the parent company of Beam telecom and they offer even better plans internet services in comparison to beam . Also they provide services like IPTV , Digital TV and Analog Tv along with their Broadband connections (Fiber-to-the-home Technology) . They Ineternet plans actually offer double the FUP limit than Beam , thats makes it even better than Beam here  . Currently ACT broadband is available in Bangalore , Nellore and Vijayawada .

YOU Broadband

You broadband is another great internet service provider in India , who operate in the major metropolitan cities of India . They provide bandwidth in excess of 10 Mbps for home customers and their pricing are even affordable .  Currently their services are limited to major cities like Ahmedabad , Bangalore , Chennai , Gurgaon , Hyderabad , Mumbai , Navi mumbai , Powai ,Pune ,Surat , Thane , Vadodara and Vishakapatnam .

HAYAI Broadband 

Hayai broad is a emerging name in the ISP business ,The company  is based in Mumbai and provides internet services in Mumbai and its suburbs . Currently there are already having many cities on their expansion map , which includes cities  like Delhi , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Ahmadabad , Kolkata and many more .

The specialty about Hayai is that they don’t impose any kind of FUP on their plans rather they allow customers to download responsibly and if a customer uses this to their advantage and downloads exceedingly , they consult with the consumer and ask them  to move to  a higher plan . While this seems justifiable but we need to see what their customers say about this .

Reliance Broadband

Reliance has been a long term player in the ISP business . while they have been trying to capture a larger share of the market . but they don’t have good plans to counter the new private players in the market . Although they do have some very reasonable Internet plans with great pricing . keeping in mind that reliance is available virtually everywhere , it makes it to the list of the ISP’s with fastest internet speed in India . Keeping the current entry of private players in the ISP business , Reliance has added many new internet plans to its existing portfolio  , the cheapest of which starts at Rs 999 per month .

That was a brief list of five major Internet service providers in India with the fastest speeds,  we hope to review some more emerging internet service providers in the future soon . If you find this post resourceful and helpful then don’t forget to subscribe to us through email and leave a word about us with your friends .

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  • wow. this is a shit article. besides reliance there isnt a single company available in delhi ncr region. what was the point of putting up this ridiculous article.

    • Hi ishank , This is just a overall comparison of the fastest internet service providers in India , just to get an idea of what the fastest internet speeds in India are .

      • Include hathway broadband its services at currently available in mumbai hyderabad pune bangalore i mean the fiber services normal broadband services are available in some other majot cities also
        Just google hathway broadband

        • hathway gives a damm once you have become their customer.After sales service is SHIT.For the past two month ia crying to solve my problem including the Nodal officer ,no one is bothering . My account no is 1233884.

  • why is it that the best plans and connections in India are confined to a particular city or area only?? airtel 4G,beam network?? why India whY????

  • LOVEJEET, I believe that this piece of useful information needs update.
    At the moment, I use BEAM TELECOM’s Hypersonic 2799 Plan. It provides a speed of about 50 mbps i.e., I obviously reach 5.5 mbps as download transfer rate. In fact, I can hype about its customer service as well.

  • Sir, the 10mbps plan for Hayai you have mentioned was a business plan – their home plans are less costly, and the speeds and prices have changed also. Problem with Hayai is that their coverage areas are limited.

      • Well, for a starter, I have been a heavy user of internet plans for quite some time now (15 year or so), both in office and at home. Been forced to use Airtel as BSNL is well simply put – a pile of #$%^. Recently I installed Tikona, and trust me, its services have proved to be exactly opposite to what market says about it. I am in fact delighted (yes, not merely satisfied) with their d/l speeds that have been minimum 3 mbps (against 4 mbps connection) and importantly had an outage of 24 hours once in the last two months. I am now planning to switch one more Airtel connection to Tikona.

  • so what to get in Delhi then? i dont care if 2, 4 or 8 Mb/s but its gotta be 150GB FUP or more since we are 4 people sharing one connection (shared flat)

  • Well u shld have picked up hathway as the best isp because it provides incredibly superfast 50mbps at just the price of 1685 per 3 months plus it gives installation for free but just the FUP at this price is less which is 20GB after which speed will be 1mbps but 50 MBPS is just awesome speed.. im not sure why havent u picked that up??
    Source: I use it myself

  • Never Use Reliance Broadband…
    Attractive Plans But Worst Service ever
    I Used 2 month this broadband…atleat 35 days my connection is not working
    i calling everyday customer care but no use
    Cheap plans but worst service ever
    Airtel,Sify both are costly but better service
    I am From Lucknow, Uttar pradesh
    My User id-396300770145

  • who added YOU broadband in the list!!! they provide pathetic service!! I can not get internet access near to 15 days from a month!! they have screwed me by their worst service ever!! huh

  • I had a reliance 4 Mbps connection and I found that they really did not have ANY FUP at all. Maybe they did on paper, but I myself use over ~100 GB a month on my laptop, add another ~5-10 GB for my phone and about 50 GB for other members in my house. That’s well over any FUP limit I’ve ever seen.
    BUT then one day the connection went down, I called them, they didn’t answer, and even when they did, they didn’t actually do anything. After about a month of that shit I asked them to remove the connection as I did not want it anymore. AND they didn’t!
    To top it all, they even sent me bills for that duration.
    Reliance is shit. Also, 3G mobile internet (Vodafone) used to be quite fast in Gujarat (~8 Mbps). In Delhi and Noida however, the same connection is so shitty, I hardly get 3-4 Mbps out of it.

  • I’m paying 8,000 for 2Mbps office leased line, 1150 for airtel 4G dongle, and 1150 for BSNL 2Mbps home broadband. Still none of any service meet my requirement. The greatest shit is Airtel 4G which claims 10Mbps but it even fail to provide quality voice call on Google hangout and Skype.
    I’m here in Chandigarh have limited options and somehow I have to cope-up with low quality/speed service provider.

  • Nice list, but I’m still stuck with BSNL broadband which totally sucks. Unfortunately, none of these ISP providers are available in my region. So, BSNL is the only choice for me -_-

  • i m using tikona broadband for 1st and last time in delhi. When they give you the demo they will show you the desired speed but after you avail it then they show thier real color. I am subscribed for 4mbps but getting only 512 kbps.
    Please dont get misled with thier low budget pplan. please give some more bucks and get some reputed complany like airtel,rel,tata etc.
    I am suffering with it and dont want anyone else suffer from it.
    TIKONA sucksssssss…….

    • You dumb fuck. 4Mbps is your plan and 512kbps is kilobits per second. I bit = 8 bytes. (4mbps = 4096 kiloBYTES. divide it by 8 and you get 512 BITS). tikona is giving you what you’re paying for.

      • hopefully , you are not serving in any IT or s/w industry. With that kind of knowledge … everything would be disastrous ! 😉

        • “Kbps” is Kilo bits per second… “KBps” is Kilo Bytes per second…[Notice the capitalization of letter B ]…… It is marketing gimmick used by all the internet service providers… 1 bit is binary digit (i.e, 0 and 1)……1 byte is equal to 8 bit… 1 Kilo Byte is equal to 1024 Bytes whereas, 1 Kilo bit is equal to 1024 bits (one eighth of 1024 Kb which will be 128 KB)….

      • @kaybtv7: Did you even think before you wrote this shit ? 1bit=8 bytes Ya right and the math after that sentence is super funny. If you don’t know then don’t post or abuse people. you just prove yourself a *****

      • you are dump my friend, i have taken tikona 1 month ago and i am suffering from last 25 days.
        they just say wait for 24 hour and after 24 hour more 24 hour and then more 24 hour.

    • My Experience with Tikona Service
      1. I opt for the connection on 29th April, 2015 and my plan was ADBBM4M750. 30 GB per month with promised 4Mbps speed. I paid around 2900/- (with Rs. 500 installation charges) and no wifi router provided.
      2. Later I get to knew that the billing cycle is 7th of every month.
      3. So I paid the extra bill of 600 Rs. (29th April to 06 May)
      4. Its like 750 per month but 105 Rs extra taxation charges. so basically if you don’t exceed the 30 gb, you will get the monthly bill of 855. Slowly the speed get decreasing as the time passes.
      5. Today is 16 August and I have to pay again bill of period 07 Aug – 6 Sept (that is advanced bill for 07 Sept – 06 Oct). Anyway I paid the bill.
      6. I’m getting the speed of 0.06 mbps to 0.03 Mbps past 2 weeks. Sometime the problem is on rooftop device, sometime on their server side and sometime they are resolving the issues.
      7. But at the end its never ending issues.
      8. Hope this review helps you to think before taking the Tikona service.

    • Bro tikona is really sad i agree with you! but can u tell me which service provider is good in delhi?? I need upto 4 mbps speed unlimited !

  • Reliance sucks big time…. How is it even included in the list… they must be present everywhere but all they do is fool people…. From their Customer reps. itself m fed up of reliance… 14.7 mbps is committed to me… and my net speed shows less than 1 mbps of download speed… reliance can oly fool… I am going to lodge a complain and spread this word to as many people as possible… if you want to get fooled please use reliance… Atleast people having sound knowledge on internet connections can never choose reliance… Customer REp are not at all helpful all they say is “I understand your concern” no one is there to solve your concern… So people just dont go through statistics do your research analysis surveys, reading of reviews and only then if you still want to suicide go for reliance…

    • Yes, I may not have data / records to validate this, but yes, I too have undergone similar issues. Nobody simply cares once you have deposited 3 months advance.

  • Hey, I have tried Act in Bangalore which has set my expectations very high. Now I shifted to Delhi and looking for similar or better internet. I dont care much about prices but I need amazing speed. I have used Airtel before and it continues to suck! Please suggest something

  • I’m living in Patna and my connection sucks. Its unlimited 1 Mbps connection at Rs. 899 a month. The best possible plan here is of 4 Mbps unlimited with 2699 per month. I request these great Internet service providers to come to my city with faster Internet connections because there is a huge market for it here. A lot of people want fast internet connections at upwards of 20 Mbps including me.

    • Pure unlimited plans are expensive and the faster you become, unlimited plans will diminish as the companies just cannot afford to give 20-50mbps unlimited. People will leech them dry and their networks will collapse. If you notice, none of the providers mentioned here give pure unlimited. They will have FUP caps after which it will be 1-2mbps unlimited. This is how it works EVERYWHERE in the world as it would not be financially feasible for companies to give 50mbps unlimited. Heck, if I got that, I would start my own network in my building using that 😀
      That being said, 900rs for 1Mbps is a rip off no matter how you look at it. Reliance gives 2mbps for 700rs and 4mbps unlimited at 1100 in Mumbai.

      • But Railwire or railnet gives pure unlimited without any bandwidth restriction..Speed is also consisitent and fast..
        but con is it is not affordable as these plans..I have 2mbps unlimited plan and i am paying 1700 a month..

        • 2mbps is not a problem and quite frankly, 1700 for 2mpbs is a major rip off. But with the amount of torrent downloads in India, do you really think companies would give 50mbps or even 25mbps pure unlimited? There is no way. I have yet to see a provider, even in Mumbai, give out 20+ mbps pure unlimited. They will not do it because of high internet usage and torrent downloads.
          Edit: I actually found one ISP that gives 25mbps pure unlimited at around 2000rs per month in Mumbai. But their reach is severely limited. They are not available in most parts of Mumbai. Check out Joister Connect

          • You can also checkout spectranet.They are giving 50mbps unlimited(no FUP) at amazing Rs. 1849 only.
            By the way your Profile pic is totally badass.Its roronoa zoro of one piece right?

        • Good for you I guess? Although, I would take 2mbps truly unlimited rather than 15GB data cap for 10mbps. What is the point of having so much speed when you cannot even download more than 15GB.

        • We are talking about pure unlimited plans. Which means 650rs 10mbps all the time. No data caps.

    • I am also from patna,i am using 5mbps unlimited at Rs. 3699 its a truly unlimited plan but service is not that good so i am wonderning if you can tell which service provider are you using and it service is good or bad?

    • hey I also live in Patna .which ISP you are using currently because there are 2or 3 ISP provide broadband connection in Patna (BSNL ,SIFY and Air network)

  • What you are talking about Beam is history man grow up its hathway most affordable internet service provider in south Delhi, 50 Mbs with 25 Gb Cap after that it is 1 MBPS unlimited at 899 and other plan is 5 mbps with cap of 50 gb and after that 1 MBps unlimited and installation is very cheap 899+500(security)+service tax you get 30 days plan + Hathway Modem +D link router i am using it since last 8 month no complain till now amazing service i will be upgrading to 100 Mbps next month by paying 300 bucks more , never seen such a good connection in kolkata , Delhi, Hyderbad , Pune , Mumbai and Bangalore at such a affordable price

      hathway sucks, sure, it’s fast, but apparently I’ve apparently used up 12 gb within 7 daysof renewal, when no one even uses the net that much. It’s tech support and website are terrible and the people at the call center and help desk don’t do shit.
      It is cheap to top up, but their internet usage accounting system just loots you.

  • The best options is to try out local providers with a good track record for uptime and maintenance. Earlier, local providers were very poor in service, but nowadays they have improved a lot.
    Look for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) or FTTN (Fiber to the Node) providers. Spectranet is among the the best, but locations are limited. MTNL / BSNL fibre is also good, but costlier.
    In Delhi:
    Excitel is DSL, but is damn good. It has truly unlimited plans with no speed drop and no fair usage policy. It also offers local peering at 20 to 100 Mbps for torrent (based on plan).
    Nextra and DEN Boomband are also good in certain locations.
    Airtel is stable, and service is among the best. But plans are costly and have lower data limits.

  • who gives the highest amount of Fair Usuage, i plan on going to india soon and i use upwards to 300gb’s a month… i cant have my internet throttled by the first week. you know what i mean?

  • Hey there people i stay in delhi and im wondering whats the best broadband provider here as i play a lot of online games like CS, COD, nad DOTA and i need a good service provider with decent speed! pls help me as well

  • Great info about Indian ISPs. I am using BSNL broadband since last 5 years. I have faced some service issues earlier but now they are very prompt in service.

  • nothing to beat FIBERNET of ACT broadband – i have been long time AIRTEL fan. But since Feb2016 i took a trial at my friends house and i was surprised at the steady speed ACT was offering. Since then i have upgraded to 60mb line and FUP is 100gb.
    I am happy with the customer care and bill payment facilties. All the other internet service providers will take at least 5 years to catch up with ACT.

  • Now people mostly using JIO network for internet. But in case of broadband connection every above networks taking high price for their plan. Gigatel providing cheapest plan in Delhi. Our fibre internet service is too good.

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