Internet Speed Master : Increase WiFi, 3G, 4G Internet Speed on Android Phones


How to increase WiFi , 3G , 4G internet speed on Android phones : Can you imagine your phone without an internet connection ? The feeling is even pathetic when our Networks fail to provide a good internet speed in-spite of opting for High speed 3G and 4G internet plans . We pay a good amount for getting a reliable internet connection and obviously we expect it to be snappy and fast . Here is an app that can potentially improve your internet speed .

Internet speed master

android speed masterInternet speed master is an android app that tweaks your android phone’s settings to provide a better and faster internet connection . The app was developed for rooted Android phones , but it does work on non-rooted phones as well . While rooted phones can expect better internet speed but it works well on non -rooted phones too . I tried the app on my International Samsung Galaxy S3 which was not rooted  and i did see a significant internet speed improvement . The best thing is that the app is free to download for all android phones .

Internet speed master increase wifi 4g 3g internet speed

This could or could not work depending on your internet service provider . But most people have provided positive feedback on this app . This is a know and safe tweak , however its is advised to do a backup before you use this app . What Internet speed master does is , it modifies certain system files to improve connections in the Tcp/Ip config of your android phone Linux Kernel . The app also supports all the Android Rom’s and even some Rom have this app already built in them . The tweak was found out by XDA forum member Santa-li , you can find out more about this tweak on Xda forums .

The app worked wonders on my Samsung galaxy S3 , Before installing this app i used to get less than 1 Mbps in download speeds on speed test. After installing this app i did see a slight difference but it was nothing until  The next morning when i rebooted my phone and did a speed test . I was amazed by the speed test results .  the speeds skyrocketed to an excess of 2 Mbps . I was using BSNL 3G when i performed the speed-test . Check out the speed test results below . While The speed increase in unbelievable , i have to try the app on other networks to make sure it really works .

after increase wifi 3g 4g  internet speed android phone

Do try out Internet speed master on your phone and lets us know if it improved your internet speeds and if it does  , Please specify the phone you’re using . it will help a lot of our readers . Download the Internet speed master app below :


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