Twitter Spirit : Send Tweets that Expire after a Certain Time


Here is an interesting way of sending twitter tweets that expire after a certain time period . You can devise many ways to use this feature depending on your need . For me i can use this feature to tweet a coupon code that expires within a certain time period or tweet my friends to a place i am going to hang out for a certain time . Twitterspirit is a free online service to send tweets that...

Hide or Fake your Geo Location Data from Websites on Google Chrome


With HTML 5, Google Chrome is now able to estimate your current location with the help of a new Geolocation feature. If you are privacy conscious then you might want to turn this feature off on Google chrome . For example , when you are browsing a location aware website on use Google Chrome, you will be requested to share your location data. If you allow Google chrome with this request, The HTML...

How to Embed Twitter Tweets in your Posts


Twitter has introduced a new feature to embed tweets in your blogs  , now you can embed any tweet from twitter in your articles . Embedded tweets can be used to display media like tweets with images , videos and even replies . The embedded tweet will be updated in real time with retweets and replies . How to embed a tweet in your post : Click Embed this Tweet, located at the bottom of any Tweet...

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