Twitter Spirit : Send Tweets that Expire after a Certain Time


Here is an interesting way of sending twitter tweets that expire after a certain time period . You can devise many ways to use this feature depending on your need . For me i can use this feature to tweet a coupon code that expires within a certain time period or tweet my friends to a place i am going to hang out for a certain time .

Twitterspirit is a free online service to send tweets that expire after a certain time period . The service is very easy to use . All you need to do is open the Twitterspirit website on any browser and click “ Enable spirit “ . When it shows done  , then you can use the hashtags like #15m , #15h , #7d with any tweet and the tweets will destruct itself after the set time expires . In these tags m stands for minutes, h stands for hours, d stands for days and replace the numbers with the time period . Follow these instructions to use Twitterspirit.

  • Step 1: Open Twitterspirit on your browser and click enable spirit .

twitter spirit  disappear tweet after the specified time .

  • Step 2: Now open twitter and send a tweet with the specified hashtags like #15m , #15h , #7d .

twitter spirit set tweets to expire after certain time

  • Step 3: Wait and see as your tweet disappears after the specified time .


Lets see an example where i can put this service in use .

For example , right now i am planning to go out at a certain event which which end in the next 4 hours . So i can send a tweet with the help of Twitterspirit and set the tweet to expire in 4 hours . If any of my friends read the tweet in the next 4 hours they can join me at the event . and after 4 hours the tweet will destruct itself and none of my friends will be able to see it .

As i said it depends on your requirement on how you use this service . If you are in the mood , you can even prank your friends using this service . Dont ask me how to do it , you already have the answer .


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