How to Take Screenshots of YouTube Videos or Videos on other Websites


Have you ever wanted to take screenshots of a YouTube video at a certain interval?
If you did, then you should know that there are no tools or plugins that can take a screenshot of an video. However there are plugins which can take a screenshot of the entire web browser and later you can crop out the video screenshot. you can even use the print screen key on windows to take a screenshot of the entire desktop and later crop the screenshot out of it.
For those who are looking for an even easier method to capture screenshots of YouTube videos, you can make use of the snipping tool that comes bundled with windows 7 and above operating systems.
By using the snipping tool, you can take an exact screenshot of the video and as a result you wont have to go through additional hassles such as cropping the screenshot. So for those who want to create screenshot out of YouTube videos, here’s how you can do so by using the snipping tool in windows.

How to Take Screenshots of YouTube Videos or Videos on other Websites

  • Step 1: Open any YouTube video and pause the video at the exact moment where you want to capture a screenshot.
  • Step 2:  Type in Snipping tool in the windows search bar and run the snipping tool that appears in the search result.


  • Step 3: Now carefully select the portion of the YouTube video that you want to capture as a screenshot.


  • Step 4: Once you’ve selected the area to be captured as screenshot, release your mouse and then you can see the screenshot appear in a new windows. Click on the Save icon to save the captured screenshot.

There you go, you can use the same trick to capture a screenshot of any online video.

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