How to Find Large Attachments in your Gmail Inbox


Google is now providing 15GB of free storage space which is being shared between Gmail, Google drive and Picasa. This much of free storage space can be more than enough for most of us, however for those who use Gmail as their primary inbox, it definitely won’t be enough for too long.

As time passes by, Gmail will tend to consume a major portion of the 15GB of free storage space. Well, this happens because of the attachments that have been piling up in your inbox. So the only way you can free up some space in your Gmail inbox would be to find the attachments that are consuming too much space and delete them manually.

For those who want to find the largest attachments in their gmail inbox and delete them, here’s how you can do so.

By default, Gmail does not provides any direct option for searching emails based on their size. However, there’s a simple workaround that will let you search your gmail inbox for files based on a particular size.

How to Find Large Attachments in your Gmail Inbox

The workaround is very simple, just go to your gmail inbox and type in the following.

For example, if you want to search your inbox for emails with attachments up to 5MB in size, you can type the following code :  Size:5000000 or just Size:5m


Similarly you can type in the following too. Click on the links to view the search result in your gmail inbox.

For attachments size upto 50MB – Size:50000000 or just Size:50m

For attachments size upto 100MB – Size:100000000 or just Size:100m

However, one thing that is very disappointing is, Gmail doesn’t allow us to deletes only the attachments, instead we have to delete both the email and attachments.

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