Play almost 2,400 MS-DOS Video Games for Free in your Browser


Back in my childhood day, i was a big fan of video games, especially Atari and Nes games and later when i got my first PC, MS-DOS games became my favourite pastime and since then i have been preferring to game on a PC.

Back then games were challenging and this is something that i miss in games these days. Now if you would like to play these games over gain, The Internet Archive has got you covered.

Thanks to the internet archive’s Wayback machine, you can now play almost 2400 MS-DOS games without paying a cent. These 2400 MS-DOS games include some classic video games such as Street fighter II, The Lion King, Back to the future, Duke Nukem 3D, Indiana jones and the last crusade, Simcity, Aladdin and many more.

Play over 2,400 MS-DOS Videogames in your Browser for Free

These games can be played in the Web based DOSBOX emulator provided by the internet archive. The emulator runs on most modern web browsers and the keys are mapped to your keyboard.

Well, it might not be possible for everyone to browse through this vast collection of games, which is why i’ve listed few of my favourite games from this bundle. The Dosbox emulator is not perfect yet and you might occasionally find a few bugs which shouldn’t be a major problem. Last but not the least, i should remind you that some of these games are for adults.

Street Fighter II

street fighter ii ms dos



aladdin ms dos


The Lion King

the lion king ms dos


Sim City

sim city ms dos


Wolfenstein 3D

wolfenstein 3d ms dos


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

indiana jones and the last crusade ms dos

Previously The wayback machine had taken a similar initiative wherein it has provided an web based emulator to play thousands of Atari and arcade games for free right from their web browsers.



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