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Microsoft’s Office suite is definitely the next best popular Microsoft product after its Windows operating system. The popular productivity suite contains products such as Word, PowerPoint, excel, Outlook and Spreadsheets. Starting from writing a letter to managing your email accounts, the Ms. Office suite can handle it all.
However since the advent of Internet, things seems to be have not been in the favor of Microsoft Office Suite anymore. People are now more interested in using everything that is powered by the internet and this is a reason why most people have shifted to free online office suite such as Google docs.
Seeing this trend, Microsoft had also launched its own suite of online productivity tool called as Microsoft office online. You are no longer needed to purchase the Microsoft office productivity suite in order to use programs such as Microsoft Office, Word or PowerPoint.
The offline version of Microsoft office suite can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis, but for those who can’t afford it, especially students, they can make use of Google docs instead. Which offers the same features as the Microsoft office suite.
However if you just love using Microsoft Office, you can use Microsoft’s latest Office Online productivity suite that’s is available for free on the internet. Microsoft is providing the entire office suite of applications for free with Microsoft office online, which includes popular tools such as Microsoft word, PowerPoint, excel and outlook.
The best part about Microsoft office online is you don’t have to install anything or worry about storage space. Simply head over to the and sign in with your Microsoft account. After that you can choose from the web applications and use them for free. All the files that you create will be stored in your free Onedrive storage cloud storage of 15GB, which comes for free with your Microsoft account.
Since Microsoft Office Online is an online service, you can access, edit and share your documents on the go from anywhere with an internet connection.

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