5 Android Apps That Really Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life


a5 apps that really extend android smartphone battery life

The android market is full of exciting and free android apps . With the increase in the number of apps in your android smartphone . There are chances that your Android smartphone’s battery life is decreasing . A decreasing smartphone battery life is in fact one of the most heard complaints from Android smartphones users . A simple answer to extend your Android phone’s battery life lies within your smartphone usage and how your phone’s operating system makes use of your smartphone’s resources .

To be concise there are many unnecessary features in your Android smartphone that decrease your phone’s battery  life . To counter this issue we have tested some of the best Android apps that really extend your Android smartphone’s battery life .

5 apps that really extend your Android smartphone’s battery life


1. Juice defender

juice defender
Juice defender is one of the easiest yet powered android app to extend your android smartphone’s battery . The app is designed to extend your android smartphone’s battery life by using its smart features . Using a combination of its smart features , the app manages to save your Android smartphone battery life . The app allows you to completely control and customize your Android smartphone through its easy and intuitive user interface . for advance users you can configure it as you like and once configured , it runs on it own and does its job to extends your Android Smartphone’s battery life . It is also one of the most used android apps today .
Juicedefender comes in Plus and Ultimate versions which cost $1.99 and $4.99 respectively .

juice defender


2. Battery defender

battery defender
Battery defender is a easy to use  app which helps you to extend your android smartphone’s battery life . The app has a lot of features which are great for a app that is free of any charges . The user interface of the app is very clear and easy to use . The app automatically turns off unnecessary feature such as GPS , WIFI and Bluetooth after your turn off your screen and helps extend your smartphone’s battery .
It has a very useful feature called Genius sleep , that forces syncs to occur every 15 minutes and helps increase your android smartphone’s battery life . Also the app has a handy little feature to display the battery percentage in the notification bar .
The Battery defender app is free to download from the android app store .

battery defender


 3. Tasker

Tasker is more of a app for controlling and task automation app . It is surely not as easy to use like the other apps before , but once you learn to use it , you just need to automate a few processes and then forget about it . Using the apps program controlling and task automation features of tasker you can tweak your android smartphone to its core functions . Using this app , you can set any unnecessary android function to run at a specific time period according to your requirement and help extend your phone’s battery life . Tasker might have a difficult learning curve but once you get a hold of it you can put it into many other uses , apart from extending your smartphone’s battery .
The Tasker app costs $2.99 from the play store .

unnamed (3)


4. AutomateIt

Automateit pro
AutomateIt is another app which takes the automates various tasks on your android smartphone and tablet to extend their battery life . The app lets you define a set of behavior in response of every event on your android device , which are called rules . Using which you can extend your phone’s battery life . For new users , you do have an option to download pre defined rules from the app itself , which are actually uploaded by other users .further once you get a hang of this app , you can even create and upload some of your own rules . This is one of the easiest tool of its kind to extend your smartphone’s battery life .
The AutomateIt pro version costs $1.99 . there is also a free version of the app but it contains ads and has some limitations .

 automateit pro


5. Easy battery saver

easy battery saver

Easy battery saver is a powerful yet easy to use app that is designed to extend and optimize your Android smartphone’s battery life . It intelligently adjusts your Android smartphone’s network connectivity , screen brightness and screen timeout to extend your smartphone’s battery life . The app has 4 preset modes which are general saving mode , intelligent saving mode, super power saving mode and advanced customized mode . These presets can be used according to your requirement to extend the battery life .

 The Easy battery saver app is a free download from the android app store .

easy battery saver


Do check out all of these fantastic apps on your android smartphones and tablets and share your views with us .


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  • I use Battery Guru and it gave me double battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S4.
    The only one listed here that I have tried is Juice Defender on my Samsung Galaxy s2 a few years back and it worked pretty good too.

  • Battery Doctor is also a superb battery saver. It has interfaces replicating that of the Easy Battery Saver, but is more crisp and user friendly. I lasted a whole day longer with just Battery Doctor installed.

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