5 Reasons to Buy the Micromax Canvas 4 A210


The Micromax canvas 4 is a great android smartphone in terms of features and price . When the hardware and pricing details of the phone were revealed to the public on the launch day . Micromax made many of their fans happy and even let down many . Here are 5 reasons to buy the Micromax canvas 4 A210 Android phone .

Micromax canvas 4 5 reasons to buy

Reason 1: Latest Android 4.2 OS

The device runs on the latest version of Android 4.2 out of the box . Which is still not available on many other high end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 . The android 4.2 version is lighter on the hardware , has many new features and is great for multitasking . Getting the Micromax canvas 4 will let you enjoy the new features of Android 4.2 ahead of other smartphone users .

Reason 2: Excellent camera

The Micromax canvas 4 A210 has a 13 MP rear camera that  records High definition 1080p with videos with excellent detail and quality . The quality of Images captured are also great . On the front the phone has a 5MP camera for video calling and other features .

Reason 3: New Canvas 4 features

The Micromax canvas 4 A210 has introduced some exciting new features . Now you can unlock the Micromax canvas 4’s lock screen by simply Blowing over the phone or shaking it . The device also has gesture controls . If you don’t want to attend to any calls , flip over the device and flip it over to transfer the call to the loud speaker . Additionally it has a built in Anti-theft functionality .

Reason 4: Great Hardware

The Micromax canvas 4 A210 is the cheapest Android smartphone that packs in a Quad core 1.2 GHz processor with 1GB of ram for smooth multitasking . The screen is a 5 inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 720p. In terms of storage the phone has 16GB of internal memory which can be further increased by a MicroSD card to 32GB . Altogether the phone provide great performance and has zero lag . The device scores a respectable 15,499points in the Antutu benchmark .

Reason 5: Affordable pricing

The Micromax canvas 4 A210 is priced at Rs. 17,999 , while phones with the same hardware and features from other brands cost upwards of Rs 25,000 . The phone is priced competitively . If you buy the phone from a local dealer . you can even get it at a much less price .



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    • Hi prashant ,
      The Micromax canvas 4 does have gesture control . The phone has gesture enabled functions like , flipping the phone mutes the ringtone and flipping it up moves the call to the loud speaker. apart from these there are many other gesture features too .

  • The details you have mentioned are false … Either you have faked it or the reviewer was plain drunk and insane before publishing this review …
    1. The secondary camera is 5 MP not 3.2
    2. The battery is 2000 mAh not 3000 mAh
    3. The display resolution is not 1920 x 1080 it is actually 1280 x 768
    4. The internal memory is 16 GB however 10GB is useable
    5. The RAM is not 2GB its 1 GB
    6. The processor is 1.2 GHz not 2.0 GHz
    7. The screen is not 5.5″ inch it is 5.0″ inch

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