Dumpster adds a Recycle Bin to your Android Device


Recycle bin is one of the most useful little feature on windows. This nifty little feature might not come useful in our day to day work cycle but when times comes, the recycle bin will always come to your rescue. Mac computers also have a similar feature known as the trash can.
To err is human nature and no matter of what precautions are taken, a slight mistake is always unavoidable. For example many a times we accidentally delete files and folders from our windows computer and only to realize later that we have also accidentally deleted some useful files. This is where the Recycle bin on windows comes to our rescue.
On Android there is no such feature as a recycle bin and whenever you delete something, it gets deleted permanently. So in case you accidentally delete a picture or a file which you didn’t intended to be deleted, it will be gone forever.
However, thanks to a free android app known as dumpster, you can now add a recycle bin like feature on your android device.  Dumpster works just like the recycle bin on your Mac, Linux or Windows desktop computer. The app gives you the ability to recover accidentally deleted content including images, vids, audio, pdf, zip, mp3, mp4, ppt, doc, avi, mpg, jpg, rar and all common file types. So with this app installed on your phone, you no longer have to worry about making mistakes.

Add a Recycle Bin to your Android device with Dumpster

Here’s how you can use Dumpster to add a recycle bin like feature on your android device.

  • Step 1: Install the Dumpster app from the link provided at the bottom of this article.
  • Step 2: Accept the Terms and conditions of the app.


  • Step 3: Select all the files types that you want dumpster to save when they are deleted.

Note: If you have a rooted android device, you can turn on the Allow Root Access option which would help dumpster to perform better. Also there is an option to automatically clean the contents of dumpster at a regular interval. you can turn it on if required, however i will suggest to manually clean dumpster’s content.
Thats it, Dumpster is now all configured to save all the items that are deleted from your phone. If you want to restore a deleted item, simply select it and tap the restore button to restore it.
Last but not the least make sure you delete all the unwanted files from dumpster regularly as this will help to free up your phone’s storage space.

Download: Dumpster for Android


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