Three factors people usually don’t consider when choosing a betting app


Most people who bet online prefer to use their smartphones and tablets because they allow them to enjoy their hobby even if they are not at home. This wasn’t possible back in the day because most phones and tablets did not have the required resources to utilize most gambling operator’s full potential.  Nowadays, almost every handheld device has loads of RAM, a powerful CPU, and GPU, which...

Three reasons why most gambling apps can be found only on Android


Android is Google’s mobile operating system that took over the world in the last couple of years. Old-school smartphone users might remember that iOS had more customers during the times of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, but nowadays, things are different. Although iOS continues to get better with every new update, Android is the more popular option for online betting because almost every smartphone...

Why should you use the mobile version of an online sportsbook or a casino instead of its application?


Everyone who wants to bet without using a computer can do that via a smartphone or tablet. Both devices have their pros and cons, but they will allow you to have fun even if you are on the go. Nowadays, there are two things that you can use to play casino games and bet on sports – a mobile app and a mobile website. Even though most users want to get the app, the mobile website has a lot of...

What do South African bettors look for in a mobile betting app?


South African bettors are looking for a mobile betting application that will live up to their expectations. Although you might think that every app has what it takes to do that, many Android and iOS applications just look good on paper. That’s why it is important to do thorough research before choosing your preferred option. South Africa is one of the countries that has tons of iGaming fans...

Why are mobile applications more desirable than mobile website versions?


Mobile applications are more desirable than mobile sites because they give people the chance to have a unique betting experience. Most prominent iGaming operators noticed that the number of mobile bettors is growing every day. That’s because most users prefer playing casino games and betting on sports using their smartphones and tablets. Unlike ten years ago, these devices are really powerful and...

Should you choose the new or the old version of a certain gambling app?


Nowadays, the majority of online betting operators have to do a lot of things to stay relevant in the iGaming industry. This explains why some platforms offer so many betting sections, unique promotions, and fantastic features that will make your gambling experience even more special. Apart from the things mentioned above, some operators pay special attention to their apps’ design. Mobile betting...

Reasons to Choose a Fast and Affordable Hosting Provider for WordPress Websites


In recent years, WordPress has become a hot favorite amongst nascent bloggers and businesses. Over 38% of all websites on the web now use WordPress. It has led to the emergence of different WordPress-focused hosting firms, as they aim to make the most out of the ever-growing demand of this popular CMS platform. But to ensure your WordPress-powered website performs at its optimum levels, experts...

A Guide on Uninstalling Programs on Your Mac


Nowadays, Mac computers are chosen by many users, professionals, and newbies who use various programs for work and entertainment. Of course, over time, any user will decide to delete unnecessary software from the device, and the main question here is how to fulfill it correctly. In our detailed and simple guide, we will tell you how to successfully delete all the unused apps from your device...

4 Ways To Increase Your Browsing Security


With the online lifestyle so prevalent in today’s culture, browsing security is crucial. Between online shopping, online banking, and even online doctor visits, securing your browser is as vital as having a solid lock on your front door. Many products offer a more secure browsing experience; however, you can secure your browser with some simple steps right now. Check out these four easy ways for...

5 Tips to Stream Better on Netflix


In the digital age, entertainment is just a tap away. Netflix is a popular streaming service that provides the latest TV shows, superhero movies, documentaries, and Netflix originals. Comparing to the rest of the streaming services, Netflix remains on the top.  Without the internet, it would have never been possible to watch shows and movies on our schedule. The picture quality while...


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