Is there a way for an online Casino site to Manipulate the Slots RTP?


Gambling in all its forms regularly comes under scrutiny when fairness is discussed. Punters know that gambling can be risky, but they need a guarantee that they are investing in a gambling brand that offers an environment that is free of result manipulation. It is hard to prove that an online slot site is running an honest establishment, but players that love to play slot games online have to...

How to Skip Elements in Xpath


Recently I came across a situation where I had to skip the first li tag from a list of li tags. This is where the position() function in xpath came to my help. Using the position() function, you can specify the number of elements you want to skip both from the beginning or ending of a list of elements. Even a combination of both. The position function returns a number equal to the context...

Charter Spectrum Customer Service and It’s Online Presence


Charter Spectrum Spectrum is a service-providing brand that is brought forward by Time Warner Cable, Bright House, and Charter in the form of a merger to provide the American people with the absolute best when it comes to the internet, cable TV, and residential phone services. If we talk about customer service, then Charter Spectrum Spectrum carries forward the traditions and culture of the...

Your Scratch Disk Is Full: What to Do?


Photoshop’s scratch disk is the vital space on your hard drive assigned by the app for storing its temporary files in the virtual memory. Free space on the scratch disk is necessary for ensuring the proper functioning of Photoshop once there is insufficient space on the hard drive to perform memory-intensive operations. But with time, the scratch disk may get full because of the...

Wireframing For a Responsive Website: Why Skipping It Is Not Recommended


Are you looking to have a responsive website? Are you thinking about the whole step of wireframing? You might think that this is something that you could skip, and maybe you could.  Creating a wireframe using Adobe XD for your website is something that is important and something that you shouldn’t skip. Here are just a few of the reasons why: Wireframes will give a nice visual...

Which are some of the mobile features in the mobile apps that you should test?


The mobile features people should test while betting on the go are really popular. Due to the fact that many gambling operators have a fully-fledged mobile app and a website that works on Android and iOS, it is becoming even more difficult for users to decide which is the best option for them. Some people want to use an app that looks good, whereas others prefer to have access to as many features...

How to download the app on your device if it is not allowed in your country?


People who want to download an app on their phones and tablets have to visit the specific app store. Users with an Android device go to Google Play, whereas people who use iOS have to visit the App Store. Although the two places contain millions of apps, some gambling websites can’t comply with the specific regulations in some countries. As a result, people who live there won’t be able to get...

Three factors people usually don’t consider when choosing a betting app


Most people who bet online prefer to use their smartphones and tablets because they allow them to enjoy their hobby even if they are not at home. This wasn’t possible back in the day because most phones and tablets did not have the required resources to utilize most gambling operator’s full potential.  Nowadays, almost every handheld device has loads of RAM, a powerful CPU, and GPU, which...

Three reasons why most gambling apps can be found only on Android


Android is Google’s mobile operating system that took over the world in the last couple of years. Old-school smartphone users might remember that iOS had more customers during the times of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, but nowadays, things are different. Although iOS continues to get better with every new update, Android is the more popular option for online betting because almost every smartphone...

Why should you use the mobile version of an online sportsbook or a casino instead of its application?


Everyone who wants to bet without using a computer can do that via a smartphone or tablet. Both devices have their pros and cons, but they will allow you to have fun even if you are on the go. Nowadays, there are two things that you can use to play casino games and bet on sports – a mobile app and a mobile website. Even though most users want to get the app, the mobile website has a lot of...


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