25 Awesome and Cool Inventions You Need to Know About


There are a lot of cool inventions that don’t even get to see the limelight. Most of the time its the big guns like Apple and Google who always manage to steal the show with their innovative products. But, apart from them, there are many other smaller companies that are trying their best to help us out by developing awesome and cool inventions that we can use in our day to day life. So let take a look at few of these outstanding innovations that has left us amazed.

We proudly present you our list of 25 of the most amazing and cool inventions you definitely need to know about. Most of these cool innovations are related to the day to day technology we use in our everyday life. Although some of these cool inventions look plain simple, but they excellently server their purpose with a tough of geniusness from their makers. If you ever get to chance to try out these cool inventions , do let us know about your experience with them.

 25 Awesome and Cool Inventions You Need to Know About

  1. Bike Lane Safety light | Manufactured by Xfire , these cool bike lane safety lights would let you create your own bike lanes at night.Xfire-safety-light
  2. Stick and find stickers | Manufactured by Stick&find, these little stickers would help you locate anything, that you would stick them upon .Stick-N-Find
  3. Foot powered cycle | Designed by Fliz , This cool foot powered bicycle is something we might need in the future .foot-powered-cycle
  4. Galileo Robotic motion control for iPhone | Designed by motrr , This is an must have gadget for your iPhone, especially if you are into photography.Next-Gen-iPhone-Dock-Offers-Robotic-Motion
  5. Cool Led slippers | For those who are scared of monsters at night , you definitely need a pair of these led slippers .led-slippers
  6. Cool milk cartoon that changes color before expiry .Milk-carton-that-changes-color-as-the-milk-expires
  7. Lytro light field camera | Designed by Lytro , this cool camera would let you shoot photographs and refocus them later . So say goodbye to blurry photos.Point.-Shoot
  8. Cool laser security system | Designed by Spynet , these cool laser security system would alert you from intruders.Laser-trip-wire
  9. Laser guided scissors | Designed by ThinkGeek , these laser guided scissors are a handy tool to precisely cut into everything .laser-guided-scissors
  10. BendDesk | Designed RWTH Aachen University , The benddesk is a geeks dream come true .BendDesk-is-a-Workstation-and-Multitouch-Computer-in-One
  11. Cool piano doorbell | Make your visitors enjoy ringing your doorbell and most probably they have another thing to bug you .piano-door-bell
  12. Auto inflating tyres | These cool cycles from adaptrac are designed to auto inflate the tyres accordign to the terrain .Auto-Inflating-Tires-You'll-Never-Need-a-Bike-Pump-Again
  13. CTX virtual keyboard | This cool little gadget projects a virtual keyboard on any surface , which is fully functional .aser-virtual-keyboard
  14. Cool one wheeler bike | Designed by Ryno motors , the cool one wheeler bike does looks badass!motorcycle-unicycle
  15. Electricity free phone speakers | Not sure if they are fooling us or its a real invention , but i bet these are very eco friendly .Electricity-Free-iPhone-Speakers
  16. Samsung flexible display | These flexible displays of samsung are soon going to be on every samsung device .flexible-display
  17. Floating speakers | preparing for a pool party ? get these cool floating speakers and amaze your guests .floating-speakers
  18. Gloves that translate sign language to speech | These Cool gloves were designed by a bunch of students to translate sign language into speech. Hats off to their amazing invention .Gloves-That-Translates-Sign-Language-To-Speech
  19. Anti theft lunch bags  | We are sure nobody is going to touch your lunch in these bags, your food is safe from everyone!anti-lunch-bags
  20. Active contact lenses | these cool contact lens might be a boon to people with eyesight problems .active-contact-lenses
  21. Chameleon Band aid
  22. WiFi antenna booster | These boosters will help you increase the range of your Wii Router.WiFi-Antenna-Booster
  23. Cool rotating power bar | This is the best thing to get,  if you own a lot of gadgets.Rotating-power-bar
  24. RGB color spray | One can, multiple colors.RGB-Colour-Spray
  25. Neverwet super hydrophobic water resisting spray | Developed by Rustoleum, neverwet is an amazing spray that can waterproof everything its sprayed upon.neverwet+screenshot


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