Tech or Treat ! 20 Best Geeky Costumes for this years Halloween


Halloween is not just a Celtic festival anymore , its more like a festival of creativity these days . Every year around this time , millions of people are out for a trick or treat , wearing amazing hand made costumes . we at Techverse , simply adore these people and their costumes , which is why we have searched the entire web ( literally ) and collected our favorite collection of top 20 geeky costumes for this Halloween .

20 Best Geeky Costumes for this years Halloween

  1. The Heisenberg and Walter white combo breaking bad walter white halloween costumes
  2. GTA 5 in real life .gta 5 halloween costume
  3. Baby Iron manbaby ironman
  4. Cute firefox .fox
  5. Frodo from the Hobbithobbit-frodo-baggins-kid-costume
  6. Skyrim skyrim halloween costume
  7. Far cry farcry halloween costume
  8. Alien baby robot5be011178a609497ffac720fdae27828
  9. Meanwhile in Russia :edward snowden halloween costume
  10. Minecraft in real lifeminecrafr hallowen costume
  11. Star wars anyone ?star wars halloween costume
  12. The big lebowski slide_323036_3075144_free
  13. Robocop at the office , we all do hate work .Robocop halloween costume
  14. Zombie from Plants vs. ZombiesPlant vs zombies halloween costume
  15. Sweeney toddOeVrhVI
  16. Gru and his minion from Despicable megru and the minion halloween costumes
  17. Google maps Halloween costumecostume-google-maps
  18. Gears of war Halloween costumecosplay-anyastroud-gearsofwar4-costume
  19. The Avengers , they nailed  it !cosplay-male-superhero-costumes-designed-like-female-superheros-02
  20. Super Mario bros ? cosplay-nintendo-mario-kart-irl-costume
  21. Toy soldiersslide_323036_3064888_free

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